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April 2014

Saraswati Kawach

1st April - 7th April -

Mars will be retrograde in Sagittarius house of career, so it'll be here that the most exciting things will tend to happen, but also the most stressful in April 2014. On 1st a previous issue or conflict may raise its head. You can afford to leave this problem without discussing much about it. From 2nd onwards, period of joy, merriment and positive times can be expected. There is a work calling, and many responsibilities at home. You feel like nurturing, protected and supporting. Mercury and sun in your fourth house could make you pampered in terms of home, relatives. You may simply make your home more comfortable and elegant and bring your friends and relatives at home in order to make them feel good. Those who are away, this is a good time to go home and meet old friends and loved ones.

8th April - 14th April-

In this week, planets could make more room for nostalgia but increases your creativity. The desire to stand out, the need to impose your will, the struggle for power and the confrontations with bosses or authorities will frequently accompany this configuration. However, try to reach your targets and act strategically, not impulsively. There is a lot to do and little time to waste. There may be a windfall. Many opportunities may be thrown to you at this time, you are overwhelmed. If you make use the best of your wisdom and potentials you can be on the high pedestal. Recognition, accomplishments, rewards and awards will put you on seventh cloud. This is the time for doing right things as Saturn and Mars are still retrograde aspect your house of potential, and recognition.

15th April - 22nd April -

15th 16th 17th you will make money, expand your business ventures and spend happy times at work at play. Exalted Sun and Full Moon in gain house promises great accomplishments. You and your partner are in perfect sync and work at helping each other grow. Use this period to make your world strong and secure. 18th 19th you need the health and energy for the challenges of the future. Take care of your health and build your physic at this time. Moon in eighth house could send you on unwanted travel. 21st and 22nd are good for spiritual uplift and celebrations. You keep meeting with the people making associations that benefit you professionally.

23rd April - 30th April -

There is a lot of progress, Moon in wealth sector could bring a sudden hike in your career graph. Doctors, engineers, media person, artists and writers will have splendid period. Money gains will be good. You could win a lottery, in speculation and gambling at this time. There will be new and fruitful partnerships, new ventures, and a lot of money to be made. There will be new profitable personal association too. You try to create relationship especially contacts with high officials and leaders could enrich your life. Sagittarius Career Monthly Horoscope for March

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal
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