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December 2014

Fortune Shines

The month begins with the Sun in adventurous Sagittarius, your 10th house of career and ambitions. You'll be the focus of attention in your career or profession, public image, and reputation. This is an opportune time to chase success and focus on what areas of your life to you want to project. Whether you want to improve your work conditions, boost your status in life, or impress those that are in authority, you may be offered a promotion, salary increase or end of year bonus especially around the 14th and 15th when fortune shines on your shoulder. Take the necessary steps in promoting yourself, and put goals into place with your New Year's resolutions.

The Full Moon on the 6th comes in Gemini, your 4th house of home and family. This month sees the Moon before Yule or Christmas Moon. In the Northern Hemisphere, December is the month when the coldness of winter fastens its hold and nights are at their longest and darkest. The mid-winter Full Moon has a trajectory across the sky because it is opposite a low sun. Of course it is quite the opposite in the Southern Hemisphere!

The Moon shines its bright light into your 4th house, drawing your attention to your home and family life as well as your career. You feel protected in the security and comforts of the domestic scene, able to relax in your comfort zone. Your focus will be on maintaining a balance, and responding to your emotional needs as well as your ambitions. It will be timely to get your home into order, so attend to property renovations, repairs and personal matters before the engulfment of family gatherings, guests, and the delights of entertaining at home at Christmas.

On the 21st at the Solstice, the Sun steps out of Sagittarius and moves into responsible Capricorn, your 11th house of friends and groups. Now is the time to renew old ties with friends, acknowledging the influence they have placed in your life, so socialise and enjoy the festivities. Arrange a party, and invite them over the next few weeks, but in the process review your hopes, dreams and wishes for the future and set some goals. From the 26th to 28th, things are more laid back, but you will be more receptive to other people's needs which may involve some charity work.

The New Moon this month on the 22nd is in the first degree of Capricorn, your 11th house. Make a new start with friends and groups that you are involved with; a newcomer may enter your life at this point by adding support and stability. You need to feel appreciated, and coming together with others will be ideal emotionally. You might even be fearful of risk taking, or expressing your individuality and taking on new horizons, but put steps into place to examine your goals and ambitions. Have a very merry Christmas, dear Pisces.

Mental Stimulation

Mercury begins the month in carefree Sagittarius your 10th house of career and ambitions. This signals your greater need to be heard, as your career and its success and professional status is very important to you. The Cosmic Messenger will be zipping around the Sun in a combust transit from the 6th to the 10th, which will increase your capacity to express new ideas, give speeches and generate communication. The stimulation that you are receiving could see you trying to achieve too many tasks at once. Lighten some of the load, so you don't become overloaded with a constant flow of thoughts that you can't quite express, or keep in your mind long enough, before following through with action. On the 12th and 13th, you'll have excellent news and discussions with your job and workplace. It's also good for an office Christmas party and receiving recognition awards.

On the 17th, Mercury moves swiftly into Capricorn, your 11th house of friends and groups. Your mind will be open to innovative ideas and discussions, with short trips to meet up with friends and talk about the targets you want to achieve. This can be work-related or general interaction at social outings where you just want to exchange stories and express your thoughts and knowledge. From the 24th to the 26th, don't be surprised if you are caught up in a debate over resources, or even stock or furniture belonging to an organisation. Things either haven't arrived on time, whether delayed or broken. Keep your hat on, for dramas can be resolved. Take extra care on the highways and byways during the Christmas rush.

High Esteem

Venus begins the month in fiery Sagittarius, your 10th house. The life force has brought success to your career and ambitions, which have flowed for you, excelling in your ambitions, boosting your confidence and being in favour professionally. Your public life has also been put in the spotlight, and relationships have benefited. On the 4th and 5th, lovely Venus the Goddess will bring success and luck into your work area, with admiration from co-workers and those around you.

On the 10th, loving Venus skips into earthy Capricorn, your 11th house. You are held in high esteem by friends and colleagues, so it will be great to unwind with them socially. Accept invitations to parties and be merry. Why not explore some of your other creative options and get up to date with artistic friends? From the 20th to the 21st, an interesting development may take you by surprise; an attractive romantic flame may enter your life, or an existing love relationship will be particularly intense.

Hidden From The Public

Mighty Warrior Mars remains in wise Capricorn, your 11th house. While you may have taken the bull by the horns and taken leadership with your peers, the energy level can be adjusted from the 4th when the Warrior slinks into Aquarius, your 12th house. This is the time to venture into activities that are hidden from the public and where you can endeavour to re-energise any weariness, for there won't be the extreme rush to compete physically. You could feel irritable, frustrated, under achieving, and lacking motivation to do the things you want to do. Put them to one side and involve yourself with charity work, and helping those that are underprivileged.

Jupiter Turns Retrograde in Leo

Benevolent Jupiter, your life-ruler, starts his annual retrograde phase in Leo, your 6th house of important commitments, on the 8th of December 2014. Jupiter remains in this phase until the 7th of April 2015. Then the mighty Lord of the ancient gods returns to forward motion through the zodiac on the 8th April, 2015.

As Jupiter retrogrades, you'll find the opportunity to take another plunge into your work and daily responsibilities. Your habits can be revised, and the services given to others will be re-evaluated. You also need to watch your health areas. Your relationships with co-workers, bosses and subordinates could be expanded, giving you more scope and freedom. Make sure that self-importance doesn't get the better of you, but there is every chance that your progress will grow over the next year. Keep a nest egg available for the future or leaner times. Check for any health concerns by regular check-ups, and increase your physical fitness.

Saturn Enters Sagittarius

Taskmaster Saturn is ending a long transit through stunning Scorpio, your 9th house of the higher mind. You may have completed a degree, had foreign interests, delved into politics or the law, or perhaps teaching and journeys overseas. On the 23rd, Saturn, the cosmic master of karma, moves into Sagittarius your mid-heaven, where he will remain (minus a brief retro return to Scorpio from June to September 2015) until December 2017.

Prepare for more responsibility in your career, with heavier demands, greater status, and difficulties with the image you project to the public over the next three years. Though you can and should seek the wisdom and guidance of others, letting them make decisions for you will be a mistake. Nor should you be tempted to blame others for failure or wrong actions in the past. You may find consolation in doing so, but others will not allow you to cast blame -- except on yourself! Ugh. You will reap the rewards, dear Fish, but not without putting in the hard work. Keep a balance between your career and your home and family environment.

Sort Out The Money

Futuristic Uranus in Aries, your 2nd house of personal resources and possessions, has been retrograde since the 21st of July this year. On the 21st of this month at the Solstice, the Sky Lord goes direct with a square to Pluto in Capricorn. Your area of earnings may have had a few ups and downs, perhaps receiving unexpected money through inheritance and windfalls. There could be money owing to you through other avenues, or an inheritance that has created bickering. As it is no small matter, you may have to introduce a solution. Analyse the conditions around you, breaking up old patterns. It's time to become innovative once more, but not before readdressing any outstanding problems since April this year, and on the 15th of this month, which is when people and circumstances present themselves again raising fears that need to be actioned.

Predicted By :Suzanna Sizzle Sky

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