Pisces Career Monthly Horoscope

Truthstar.com provides Free Career Monthly Horoscope for Pisces By our astrology expert Sanjana Mittal . Truthstar predicts what the stars hold of Pisces for your career monthly horoscope in this month.

July 2014

1st July - 7th July

There is optimism, faith, and a tendency to take chance towards gaining new work opportunities. By and large this time is generally good. The focus will strongly be on domestic matters and also your concern about security related to buying a new house/property. The combination of many planets in your domestic sector will ignite your desires and ambitions to have a dream house of your own. There will be renovation, beautification or construction in the house/office. Many planets have aspect on your career house, making you mentally & physically active person with higher dreams and goals. People in any profession will have easy time at work place if they guard themselves against the ego. Don’t take any hasty decision on 6th and 7th , your plans and schemes may get spoiled otherwise.

8th July - 14th July

There could be depression and mental tension on 8th , you could miss the opportunities to make money. Those in real estate or dealing with buying and selling property will need to check documents and be careful when completing legal formalities. You will feel more composed and at calm as the week progresses. . Career issues are easily dealt with now. You know what to say and how to act on the good side of important people. Full Moon falls in your career house; you can expect a lot of improvement in the overall affairs of your life. You will gain financially and could be lucky in all forms of speculation like lottery and at the stock market on 13th and 14th. Avoid rash driving as Mars in eighth house may cause injuries.

15th July - 22nd July

Some changes in planetary position will take place in this week. Sun transits in your fifth house and Venus moves in domestic sector. Focus on work, duty and responsibility now rewards will come later. It will be an excellent week to re establish family ties, to pursue your dreams and social contacts. Positive feelings and self confidence make this a good time to go. Meeting new people will bring you some support for creative projects. A minor disagreement with partner could disrupt plans if the problem is not addressed in time. Business partners may be on the edge and in need of consistent in touch and communicative to overcome any confusion. Week end promises good results, luck shall favor you.

23rd July - 31st July

This is extremely good period for you, moon & Venus combo will activate your domestic sector. You make new contacts, you want comfort and ease. Money could be spent on beautification of house. You make good repo with seniors, boss, and even with younger people those come in contact with you. There is favor and recognition for your hard work, Property could be bought and sold out, and you can make huge profit into it. You now have a certain pride in yourself, your assets and your possessions along with a very strong sense of ownership. You will do very well if you are working with electronic media at this time. In dark Moon phase, around 26th and 27th you will make influential friends and they shall help you.

Learning Mantra, sadhna, and higher education is successful now. 29th and 30th you may lack commitment do take things seriously, take some time off and relax. Time is favorable for going abroad or on pilgrimages.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal
Pisces Monthly Horoscope
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