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Pisces Monthly Horoscope For March 2014


Planetary positions are tough and you would have to struggle to maintain your existence. One hand you would have health related problems and on the other your work performance would also deteriorate. This month would have major events and significant indications shall be seen from the very beginning of the month. Jupiter is eyeing the trio of sinful planets till 6th March hence the situation would be in control but after that health problems or other issues would start building up. God forbid, if you have any serious illness already then it would become more critical.

It is all on destiny this month, things would happen as destined. You would be under false notion that something good would happen. The tough planetary position suggests that you would remain confused, indecisive and in dark with your plans. The situation would not obligate you to take loans. Do not put your money in precarious deals and it is not the right time to implement your aspired plans. You should be at ease and wait for your turn to come for at least a month or two.


Professionally, the first week is moderate and due to ill health or mental stress you would not be able to work. Many alterations are required in work methodology, either the subject of work would change or the location. You may expect help from close relatives or government officials but they all would make you run from pillar to post and put conditions. Though you would not be hoaxed but it will certainly effect your relations with others. In the second week, you shall exchange loans or defray old debts. The third week has more expenses than earning. Unreasonable wastage could not be controlled. The quality of work would improve and lead to work editing but have no financial gain. Situations would get more complex in the last week because Mars is moving backward and will enter the house of Virgo and affect all matters in partnership. Government system may increase the problems but your work would still be done. It is a tough time for your spouse and they would have to struggle a lot to come out of the circumstances.


Health related problems would persist in the first half of the month. Many efforts would go in vain. Financial gain would not be as per labor you do. You may feel that your all your efforts are getting wasted. This would have bad repercussions on your health. In the second half of month, problem like blood disorders or arthritis would heighten and you will feel terrorized. In the last months your problem would increase because not only yours but your spouse’s health would also be not good. You both would have to be on medication. You are advised to drive safely. Food poisoning is possible if you eat outside food.


Again the month is tough for relationships. Some financial problems and loose talk can enhance the troubles. The more you entangle in pity issues the more tribulation you experience. Relations with government officials would remain the same rather there can be a difficulty in any legal matter but things would get sorted. The spouse may be resented or regretted about something which you can deal eloquently. In the second half of the month, when Surya is visible on top of Pisces you main concern would be to know how to have congenial relations with your relative and other acquaintances? At this time neither the friend nor any financial institute is able to extend any help to you.

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