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Pisces Monthly Horoscope For January 2014

The month of January 2014 will be fortunate for you. If you are seeking promotion in your job, the wish is going to come true during this month. Unemployed people will also get employment opportunities. The situations will be positive for you in the office. Moreover, you will be pleased with family matters. At this time, you will move towards religious tasks. You may also arrange a spiritual function at your home. Apart from this, you may be honored by the people because of your work done for the society. It will enhance your social status as well.

Respect and reward both are in store for you during this time. You may get relief in court cases. As per the analysis of Pisces January Horoscope, business class will be satisfied with the progress in business. Now, you may invest and expand the dimension of your business. However, January horoscope 2014 advises you to exercise control while talking. Think twice before making a business partner during this time. the stars are favorable for students as well.

Personal Life :

In January 2014, you may have some personal stress. As the Sun is located along with Saturn and Ketu in the tenth house of your horoscope, you will suffer from certain elements, for which known cause could be a mystery. Your dreams are not coming trueduring this time. But, in the second half of the month, the problems may get better.In the month of January, your enthusiasm towards work will grow but sources of income will be constrained. As a result of this, you will find difficulty in every new task. As the Jupiter (owner of this zodiac sign) and Venus Retrograde both are looking at each other, it willoverseeallworkby inhibitingbarrier. People,will not fit in to the scheme of plans for you business venture that you are looking forward to undertake. Mars is not in your favor so you need to be extra cautious towards professional life.

Professional Life :

During this month, the professional life will not be as per your expectations. You will face some barrierstowards the first week of January and it will be continuetill the second week as well. Your work will benefit you in the third week of the month. Additionally, last week will be advantageous for you but the profits will not be as per your expectations. You may benefit in matters related to land. You may undertake some travels for the same. Take precautions in business partnership and do not insist too much if a partner is not in agreement with your stance. During this time, court cases will pursue. It is a good time for your child in terms of wealth. You may face some problems from your employees if you are running an organization. If you are in a job you need to exercise restraint.

Health :

According to Pisces Monthly Horoscope of 2014, you would have to pay extra attention towards your health during this month. Digestive system, Joint pain and back pain may upset you. The more you work, the more fatigued you would be. Due to work pressure, you need to take due care of your health and ensure that you have medicines and have a healthy diet during this time. The first half of this month may create some problems for your parents. So, you would have to focus on their health during this time. You will not be able to figureout the reasons for obstacles in your work. In the second week of January, lack of sleepmay distress you. It would be better to prepare yourself in advance for all circumstances however everything would be fine after sometime.

Relationships :

Handling relationships efficiently would be a difficult task during this month. You may be angry at any point of time for trivial reasons. Your father may suffer from mental health problem. You need to ensure that you have a cordial relationship with everyone at work not doing so may lead to backbiting by some. A sense of revenge will disturb the inner harmony. You will try to understand the problems faced by your child. Family matters will be normal during this time. Besides all, love relations will remain unchanged. By the last week of January 2014, your financial condition will improve to some extent and you can proceed further in monetary transactions.

On the basis of Pisces January Astrology, dates to keep caution during this month are 4, 5, 6, 14, 15, 16, 24 and 25.

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