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Libra Monthly Horoscope For January 2014

This month is lucky for you. Your enthusiasm and might will be on the rise. The starswill be favorable throughout the month of January 2014. You will achieve success in all domains. There will be nohindrances this month. According to your Monthly Horoscope, the time is not favorable at the family front. Domestic problems may upset you this month. Spouse may also be a cause of concern during this time. However, during this time, you will get the full support of your brothers. Due to a hecticwork schedule, you will not be able to concentrate on a task.

During this phase, you may face health problems as well. So, you should take care of yoursand your life partner health. Financially, time will remain moderate in January. Incidental expenses may disturb you at this time. However, with the stars on your side you will be able to overcome these problems very shortly. It is a good time for working class. Time will remain moderate for business class. If you are planning a new project during this time, it may be better to postpone it.

Personal Life

As per your January Horoscope 2014, difficult time is gradually coming to an end. You can breathe a shy of relief this month, because you will be free ofa major responsibility. Progress in the work will require you to have specialized skills. The conjunction of Jupiter and Venus Retrograde will enhance your potential and zeal but it is up to you, how will take benefit out of it. In the second half of the month, Sun is placed in the fourth house so; you will have a lot of expectations at this time but may have to wait longer just for special achievements. The decisions taken in the first half of January may come into effect in the second half of this month. During this period of first week, you will get growth in a job or business. You may consider including travel in your plans for the stability in life.

Professional Life

In the month of January, you are going to spend a lot of time in redundant tasks. Now, you will consistently try to manage debt. You may invest funds in those tasks in which you can not avail any benefit. You should exercise extra caution while dealing with loan transactions because Mars in twelfth house may disappoint you at this time. Be careful with the black money as it will not benefit you at all. In the running business, you can expect profits to flow in as daily income but the situations will not be in your favor during this time. Apart from this, you may get some financial benefitsfrom the business which you operate with your spouse undertaking.


This month will be fine from health perspective. The visibility of Saturn and Rahu indicates the signal of poor health but that will last only for a few days because of Jupiter’s vision during this time. You will be worried about your father’s health. Besides all, in the third week of January 2014, you may face troubles during your travel. You should be aware of the suffering caused by allergies during this time. Now, Rahu is in powerful position and this may cause problems related to bacteria so you should be very careful.


Special focus is required in relationships during this month. In order tohave a happy family life, everyone should be together in the family. Parent’s happiness is very important at this time. In addition to this, for the purpose of growth in business, you should also take care of relationships which are important in your personal life.The presence of Ketu with Saturn in the seventh house warns you to be serious towards your courtship. If, you mis-understand the nature of your beloved the relationship may be spoiled in the next two months so you must pay extra attention on this matter.

Astrologers advise you to take precautions on these dates (3, 4, 11, 12, 13, 21, 22, 23, 30 and 31) of January.

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