Libra Career Monthly Horoscope provides Free Career Monthly Horoscope for Libra By our astrology expert Sanjana Mittal . Truthstar predicts what the stars hold of Libra for your career monthly horoscope in this month.

August 2014

1st August - 7th August

The first two days you won’t be in the best frame of mind or mood to interact with others. You can afford to be confident and optimistic from 3rd onwards in this week. As the week progresses you become positive. Your professional and academic life with your sincerity and motivation make you very successful. Libra’s house of career will be occupied by lucky and mighty Jupiter, for which nothing is too difficult, which will be joined by the Sun -glow, prestige, Mercury- intelligence, communication and later Venus -chance, collaborations, popularity.

This will enable you to shine in seminars, business presentations, and office-parties. This is the time when your senior/boss appreciates your work and acknowledges your worth. Discipline will be very important for Libras in this period, because Mars in your sign will demand action, which, if not properly coordinated, could cause troubles.

8th August - 14th August

The pressure will drop, collaboration relationships will improve, there will be projects involving groups and an audience, and you'll enjoy popularity and support. Your sign lord Venus will move in Career house. You'll have big obligations, so you'll need to find new sources of income. And you will. Although restless, the second week will be productive. Full Moon in your domestic sector will heighten your emotions and increase your intuition.

Career progress is seen too. Whether you are working at home or out with friends your glowing personality attracts friendly interest. You will establish new contacts especially with VIP and high officials and win the favor of them. Meeting, conferences will turn out in your favor. Prepare for work by planning ahead. Your ability to tune with others will be strong.

15th August - 21st August

In the beginning of the week you will spend your time in innovative and creative activities, fun filled games and life skills activities will make your week rewarding. You will try your best to bring aesthetical values in your style and manners, and show your love for entertainment, parties, and enjoyment in life. Gains in your undertaking are seen. Gains from your investment are seen. There will be some significant opportunities that boost your savings. You can plan to start a new venture. Good week to invest and speculative activity. Sun moves in Leo that indicates gains through high officials and seniors. Use your wisdom and intelligence, if you find money making opportunity this week you must move quickly.

22nd August - 31st August

- Be clear of your priorities. Negotiation helps you in business and career this weekend. You may have serious things to take care of right now, you should be confident enough to act without worrying whether or not the world around you approves of your actions. But you must find out time for fun and games as well. The New Moon on 26th has you forming a new vision of where you can take your career now. Focus on interests and hobbies, passion & love will increase in end week. Sign lord Venus is in career house, you blush; smile and plan work with pleasure. Appearance and style may count more to you this week and for sometimes ahead. Interactions with members of opposite gender in particular can be sensitive towards the end of this month.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal
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