Libra 2014 Horoscope

(September 23 – October 22)

Pisces 2014

The lord of your sign is Venus that offers beauty, attraction and affection. At the beginning of this year, you need to do driving with caution otherwise accident may occur. Your trips require special precautions in this year. Your economic conditions will improve.

Spouses will continue to be supported. Funds will remain inward. As per the predictions ofLibra Yearly Horoscope 2014, if you are planning a business trip for abroad, it is suited for you. Also, you will gain profits from these trips. Do not invest in the share market this time otherwise, you may lose rather than earn. Apart from this, your mother’s health will be normal however, you will have to worry about the health of the father.

Spouses may annoy you from unnecessary expenditure. You will give proper time to your family and will try to fulfill all household needs. Despite of sustained financial growth, dissatisfaction will remain in your mind this year. If you are in love affiliation then you will be successful and will be tied in wedlock relationship.In this time, you will be on good terms with the father and will get monetary benefits from him.

Nature in 2014

You are the owner of charming personality. You believe in balanced and identical nature. Your nature is rooted in a sense of satisfaction. With keen foresight, you are more idealistic than realistic. In addition to this, you are a virtuous and smart person and respect the feelings of others. You cannot tolerate the disregard of others.

Wealth in 2014

This is not the time to take risk in respect of financial matters. As perLibra Yearly Horoscope, in the first half of the year, the ratio of earnings may fluctuate. But in the second half of the year, financial situation is expected to improve due to improvements in the business. You may receive money which has been stuck from a long time. There is a hope to get legacy from somewhere at this time.

Family Life in 2014

Libra 2014 Horoscope predicts that this year is going to be confluent for family matters. A new member can be added in the family. In the first half of the year, luck is with you due to the visibility of Jupiter and you will do justice towards family members this time. You can go on pilgrimage with your family or the long journey of one of your family member will prove to be successful. But in between, there may be some controversy in the family as their expectations may not be fulfilled.

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Love Life in 2014

The year 2014is likely to be providential for the love affairs. There is a hope to get married in the first half of the year, if you are settled in your job or business. Love of someone is in your destiny this time. But married people need to be aware enough about their marital life, otherwise there are possibilities of controversy. So, do not make a big issue of minor problems. However, everything will be fine if you will apply your intelligence and you may also visit nice place with your partner.

Professional Life in 2014

This will be the combined year in terms of professional life. The compatibility of Jupiter will make you successful in many cases. In order to complete your work, you will be rich in enthusiasm and faith. The long business trips will prove to beprofitable in 2014. But the cussedness ofRahu and Saturn may create some barriers in the work field. In such circumstances, do not take risk of signing the important documents blindly.

Education in 2014

This year is very friendly in the vision of your education. However, some disruption may continue but if you did not defeat, the success will be in your hand. If you're interested in the esoteric sciences and parapsychology, it is time to adapt. But you have to be careful if you are planning to get admission in a new course this year. The fortune is in the favor of those, who wish to go abroad for higher studies.

Health in 2014

Your Horoscope 2014 states that this year will be fruitful for health. In the first half, under the influence ofRahu and Saturn in the first house, the negligence of health will not be the good idea at this time. However, since July the impact ofRahu will be decrease in the first house so you will feel better. This year, you will be able to maintain your good health by doing meditation.

In 2014, 6 and 8 would be the favorable numbers for you and orange, pink and light sky would be the prosperous colors for you. If you want stability in life, follow the below points.

Donateyellow mustard at religious place.

Dried flowers or leaves should not be placed in the house.

Donatebutter, potatoes and curd.

InstallShri Yantra, Kuber Yantra and Ganesh Yantra at your home.

Feed food to theblind people.

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