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April 2014

Achieving Common Purpose

The Aries Sun moves through your 11th house to the 20th April, 2014, bringing a social time with friends as you venture out. Friendships, group meetings, and achieving a common purpose are in the stars for Gemini. This could involve humanitarian activities around organisations, and children not necessarily your own, and stirring the pot with group presentations and generally communicating with others. Your actions may be spontaneous, as you venture into unknown territory, with your thoughts revolutionary as you get assistance through friends. Your energies will be charged with plenty of enthusiasm to go places.
Vyapaar Vridhdhi Kawach

From 21 April, when the Sun moves into Taurus, your objectives will take on a different gleam as you delve into the sub-conscious side of your life, examining aspects that have come to the surface to identify and act on. Behind the scenes, research, institutions, hospitals with more solidarity than earlier in the month. A good time to snuggle up and read a few good novels, or be of service to others.

Lunar Eclipse

The total Lunar Eclipse on 15th April in Libra highlights a generous, fun-loving attitude. Emotions are likely to be accentuated, as your relationships are expressed in a vital way. Your wit will be sharp and your mood generous. Avoid confrontations, drama queens, and heated moments during this phase of the Full Moon. Be mindful that, during 15th and 16th April, acid tongues will hurt as Mercury, your life-ruler, hits Uranus. Mercury will be in Aries from 8th April to 23rd April.
From giving the world your professional poetic disposition, you move on to expressing yourself in group situations in intellectual pursuits through your friends and companions, and organisational activity. From 24th April, when Mercury moves into Taurus, you will be a powerhouse of verbal intoxication. Stand clear, as those close by may be in full earshot of what you will say.

Rose-tinted Glasses

Venus moves from cool calm Aquarius into sensitive Pisces on the 6th April. Aquarius is your 10th house, so your professional life will attract prominence via your business and reputation as you present yourself to the outside world. Working in harmony, you attract good energies. Romance is in the stars, but beware of looking through rose-tinted glasses. The atmosphere is indicative of love and beauty, so this could be the beginning of a future stable relationship, or you will announce your love to that special person. Poetry in motion.

Charm and Energy

Mars retrograde through Libra accentuates your charm and sexual energy as your relationships undergo refuelling. Children may create some tension with their overeagerness to please. Keeping fit might curb that excess energy. Sports, fun and recreational activities come into the forefront as you express this energy.

Goal Focused

Focus is on investments as Jupiter in Cancer transits your 2nd house of moveable property, assets, material possessions and resources. Ensure that you get sound advice, dear Gemini, and plan ahead to secure any deals. Be aware that the 15th and 16th, and the 21st to 24th April, are dates when your situation may fluctuate, with unplanned setbacks in your career advancement. Situations are likely to occur that are beyond your control.
Saturn retrograde in Scorpio in your 6th house means that you'll be working hard to achieve your goals. It will feed like you are on the treadmill trying to gain momentum to fulfil responsibilities and precise tasks. Review your dealings in the areas of work, employment and professional matters. Pay attention to health issues, especially physical exhaustion, gallstones, arthritis, knees and back ailments. Saturn helps us learn our lessons and how we will deal with them. As Saturn retrogrades it will cross over areas that came to light a few months ago, with a finalisation as Saturn moves forward again in July.
With Uranus in Aries, your 11th house, you just keep on acquiring new friends and joining groups in humanitarian, non-conforming ways. You will gain original thoughts and maybe even rebel against the norm, broadening your outlook in diverse subjects. There will be restrictive aspects of your nature that will undergo change as you venture into the unknown side of your personality, releasing those artistic and bohemian talents. Your more conventional friends will also see changes in you, as you explore for something unconventional.
The New Moon on 29th April will be in Taurus, so the pressure will ease as you start afresh by recharging those batteries. Someone behind the scenes will come under focus, although you are unlikely to reveal your emotional attachments. Turning to quieter themes, you'll prefer the comforts of seclusion. While you delve into hidden psychic realms, poetry and music may be your companions.
Predicted By : Suzanna Sizzle Sky
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