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February 2016

Open Your Mind

The versatile Twins start the month with the Sun in friendly Aquarius, your 9th house of the higher mind. This marks a good time to open your mind to knowledge and foreign affairs, or to take up a study, travel and other exciting experiences. Discover facets of your life that can broaden your perception of the outside world, countries and people. You may be drawn to the unusual; scientific research, astronomy, astrology, metaphysics, justice, teaching, the understanding of different religions and beliefs are all in the frame. From the 3rd to the 5th, you may be in a position to get formal advice from a consultant, set legal proceedings into place over agreements, or resolve partnership issues. From the 5th to the 10th, irritations and frustrations could arise over changes to plans with work, routine, and business dealings. Health problems, fevers and accidents could come about at this time.

The 8th sees the New Moon in Aquarius, your 9th house. During the next two weeks you'll be more innovative in taking on a new order of opportunities. It's a favourable time to explore options that are available through advanced studies, travel and learning experiences. People you meet will broaden your outlook in the way you think, together with your love of new adventures. You might find that you need to travel longer distances to work, or clash with work colleagues and undergo health changes caused by an infection or injury.

On the 19th, the Sun moves out of Aquarius, and into sympathetic Pisces, your 10th house of career and ambitions. The next four weeks will shift your focus on advancing in your career, life-path and working towards your aspirations. Your public self-image will also play an important role in the way you present yourself, and in advancement with your achievements and objectives. On the 28th and 29th, you'll be open to outside influences and sympathetic to those around you. Keep realistic and don't allow yourself to be misguided with pipe dreams, or to make important commitments.

The Full Moon on the 22nd comes in earthy Virgo, your 4th house of home and family. It is called the Full Snow Moon as usually the heaviest snowfalls are in February in the northern hemisphere. Hunting becomes extremely difficult, and some Native American tribes have called it the Hunger Moon, or Bone Moon because there was so little food that people gnawed on bones and ate bone marrow soup.

The Full Moon will activate not only your home and family life, but will also influence your career path, and adjustments to your finances and personal relationships. You'll be making a vast change, going over past opportunities that have been presented as Jupiter is retrograde conjunct the North Node in Virgo during the month. Fated situations may occur, presenting imminent changes to your lifestyle, domestic situation, real estate and property.

Good News

Mercury, your life-ruler, remains in ambitious Capricorn, your 8th house of sex, death and taxes. The Cosmic Messenger is in direct motion but remaining in a shadow phase until February 15th, while moving into Aquarius, your 10th house. Before it changes signs, finalise areas of financial restrictions and delays with other people's money, investments and getting the go-ahead with loan applications. From the 1st to the 3rd, you'll receive greater depth and insights into your financial affairs and spirituality, but deeper psychological issues could resurface that will need addressing. From the 5th to the 7th, news should be favourable regarding money matters, real estate and home concerns.

On the 13th, Mercury makes its way into Aquarius, your 9th house, stimulating your eagerness to further your education and interests in worldly affairs. You will place more emphasis on travel, even if it entails short trips. Perhaps you'll learn a new language, or spend time surfing the internet and researching interesting topics. From the 24th to the 26th, you'll be in a position to discuss legal agreements, and finalise the finer points of documents particularly long-term commitments, business dealings and matters from abroad.

Romantic Potential

The Goddess Venus remains in Capricorn, your 8th house, giving you persuasive ability and success in managing financial affairs. This is a favourable time to renegotiate loans and receive benefits through other sources, including joint accounts, business ventures, superannuation, investments and taxes. From the 5th to the 8th, personal relationships should be deeper, more meaningful and satisfying. An association may be formed with a work colleague or business partner. However watch for pangs of possessiveness, jealousy and being obsessed within relationships. From the 9th to the 11th, you should be rewarded with good fortune, possibly receiving money through real estate or an inheritance. Relationships with family members should be harmonious and happy.

On the 17th, lovely Venus steps into Aquarius, your 9th house. This will prove a pleasant time, encouraged by the Sun and communicative Mercury also in Aquarius. You'll be keen to spend time holidaying; more travelling is on the cards. Places of unique art forms, beauty, foreign foods and fashions will whet your appetite. Romance should hit a high note with foreigners, or someone that you meet who is of a different culture to yours. Relationships with in-laws should be enjoyable; litigation matters and court decisions should prove successful. Step out of your normal social entertainment scene for pleasurable events and fun activities. From the 29th to the 1st of March sees a good time to reach a resolution, achieve clarity in a relationship, or make a make a beneficial long-term commitment. An older person or authority figure may be influential in giving good advice.

Constructive Energies

Mars remains in Scorpio your 6th house of work and health, sprucing up your physical energy and improving your daily routine. You'll place greater demands on yourself and others to perform efficiently, which could create frustration and tension on the work scene. Have a clean and smart working environment that will improve your routine and output. There could be extra pressure placed on your shoulders to achieve goals and work performance. Review your diet, health and wellbeing to alleviate stress-related illnesses. Take extra care if around machinery, small appliances and sharp objects. Some Geminians may require a medical procedure or operation. From the 1st to the 6th you'll be able to use your energies and stamina constructively to overcome obstacles, and work to deadlines. From the 12th to the 16th there'll be fortunate business deals on the domestic scene and real estate. Celebrations will be in hand with family members.

Predicted By: Suzanna Sizzle Sky

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