Gemini Career Monthly Horoscope provides Free Career Monthly Horoscope for Gemini Prediction By our astrology expert Sanjana Mittal . Truthstar predicts what the stars hold of Gemini for your career monthly horoscope in this month.

October 2014

1st October - 7th October

You can be carried away by new enthusiasm on 1st & 2nd . Sign lord Mercury & Venus are eclipsed, some increase and decrease in finances and business activities may be expected in this week. You will feel constraints in all your work personal or professional matters on 3rd & 4th. You may suffer professional loss. 5th will give you new hopes and will turn the tide in your favor. Your work will be a source of satisfaction to you. You are able to work in free and unrestricted space from now on. You crave organization and practicality and you want to get things accomplished. Romantic moods will prevail and you plan an evening out with your partner. Décor of house/office will also keep you busy.

8th October - 14th October

As for the Moon eclipse, it could influence Gemini's finances and not necessarily positively, so you're recommended to act cautiously especially on 8th. You are expected to be in and out of meetings, making plans and having plenty of conversations. Arrangements and planning beforehand is important for you. Finance & security matters should be handled carefully on 10th and 11th. You plan to invest money in property. Working place results will be encouraging and money bestowing. Those in banks, chartered accountants and finance have to be extra careful; Mercury’s retrograde movement in Gemini's house of work can trigger some inconveniences or bring out older problems that will be looking for solutions now.

15th October - 22nd October

Sun will move in your fifth house, issues of children’s education will take new turn and after some hurdles you will be able to solve them. Venus in Libra will bring money and self esteem both and you should be feeling good about yourself these days. You earn good money, make new contacts, and feel successful at work during these days. In end week you will have to be careful about correspondence, negotiations, signing contracts and any written commitments. Mercury turns retrograde, don’t take anyone into confidence that you casually acquainted with on 22nd. Trust your gut feelings and intuition about people and situation at this time.

23rd October - 31st October

Professional success will be stimulated by group partnerships and projects, but will be marked by incitement, rivalry and competition. There will be plenty of ideas and initiatives and you'll go on many trips, have a lot of interesting meetings and discussions. You'll make new acquaintances, negotiate new contracts, and plan new collaborations. The Sun eclipse, which will happen in Gemini's house of work too, announces surprises or unexpected development. There will be good monetary gains, new contacts, and communication will be established. You will have emotional and professional contentment. On 25th success in government related business will relieve you from tension. You will boldly face and solve your problems to advance on your progressive path. Your self confidence and morale will be high.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal
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