Gemini Career Monthly Horoscope provides Free Career Monthly Horoscope for Gemini Prediction By our astrology expert Sanjana Mittal . Truthstar predicts what the stars hold of Gemini for your career monthly horoscope in this month.

August 2014

1st August - 7th August

August month will be demanding periods. Venus in your sign will enhance your aura. Saturn is still located in Gemini's house of work, will demand long work hours and will want you full of patience, perseverance and reliability. But you'll be able to learn what effort, discipline, organization and strategy are. It will make you stand out and can bring you great social-professional satisfactions on 3rd and 4th. You need patience and a lot of attention when making decisions: However, beware of the money from collaboration and association relationships, of loans, recuperations and investments.

8th August - 14th August

Venus moves in your wealth sector. There will be opportunities to raise your income, to find new sources of earning money, to get extra income, to receive gifts or other material advantages. It would be a positive time, where you will be able to meet many new people. Let your intuition guide you in matters concerning investments, children, creative endeavors and your work. Full Moon rises in your eighth house. On 10th 11th travel plans may take a few twists and turns but the adventure will lead down an interesting path. You are likely to meet young attractive friends with whom some new association or relationship might start. With Mercury transit in Leo mixing business with pleasure will give you an edge. Your social popularity will continue to grow.

15th August - 21st August

This week Sun moves in Leo and join Mercury there. 15th 16th will be good for financial gains and winning the favor of your loved ones. They will understand your need for security and do everything to reassure you as much as they can. The next two days may bring diligent and serious attitude towards work. Try not to get caught up in the crossfire of conversation that doesn’t really pertain to you. You should deal with people judicially throughout this period as ego or short tempered behavior could spoil matters for you. Negative feelings and self doubts may overpower you. Your intuition will get strong, as the week comes to an end. You will be able to take your decisions without fear of losing security along the way. Your mood will be elevated and attitude will be positive.

22nd August - 31st August

The end month will be very interesting, giving you much financial gains. You will gain from real estates, through hidden assets and property investments. This is a very good period for those connected with real estate or desirous of buying or selling properties or acquiring a new house or vehicle. Around dark Moon emotional upheavals cannot be ruled out. Saturn can be interested in traditional jobs or boring work, repetitive, done in confined spaces.

You need perseverance and patience to achieve your goals. The last days of the month will bring happiness for you. A gainful period would commence, there could be new contacts and new deals which results in financial gains. Those in politics, media and marketing sectors will do well. The tendency to spend will also increase so you'll be recommended to conserve your economical spirit.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal
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