Gemini Career Monthly Horoscope provides Free Career Monthly Horoscope for Gemini Prediction By our astrology expert Sanjana Mittal . Truthstar predicts what the stars hold of Gemini for your career monthly horoscope in this month.

July 2014

1st July - 7th July

On July 1st 2014 Mercury, your sign ruler will end its retrograde movement and will resume the straight one. The beginning of the month promises good finances and cash liquidity is stored for you. The stars are favorably placed to bestow great fortune upon you in almost all areas of life. At the professional level, a new era will begin: Jupiter in wealth sector foreshadow a week of progress and satisfactions. It'll be a period with important financial connotations for you.

Ambitions will grow, projects will become bolder, accomplishments greater, and prestige will amplify and will consolidate. Sun and Mercury in your sign will highlight the importance of the material sphere which will capture your interest and which your energy will go to, Government authorities will be helpful to you; you may accomplish your state related work with ease.

8th July - 14th July

You continue to have a commanding and authoritative position at work. You will be wielding more power and your decisions will have a positive impact on your work/business. Favors from influential friends and gains from highly placed government officers will move your career forward. Those who are looking for job; this is the right time to apply. Around Full Moon, on 12th celebrations and happy occasions at home are indicated.

Get together with the loved ones and friends to spread cheer, sharing experiences and lighter moments bring positivity in your mind, you will receive a lot of recognition in helping others because of your compassion. While Venus will bring a note of benevolence and chance, felt especially on 13th with its transit in your sign.

15th July - 22nd July

Gemini's house of money will be crossed in turn by the Sun, & Jupiter. You'll be in for higher income than usual, for financial decisions and actions. This is a good time to groom yourself with quality clothing, accessories, enhancing your look, enjoying good food and luxuries in life. You may join new kitty, or group activities which will give you high pedestal to show your talents and this is the time to hone your artistic interests and passions. There is a lot on your plate in terms of work and social commitments. You will take audacious risks to maximize your profits.

Those in profession of counseling and teaching will do well, even those in media, banking and IT sectors as well. End of the week, you might face stresses and hidden resentments. Make space for new spiritual insights, and look for rest relaxation and inner peace.

23rd July - 31st July

Resistance and challenges from others or from outside situation will continue on 23rd but you face it with great courage. As the week progresses, the things will come under your control and you will take a head way towards a fulfilling career. Venus & Mercury in your sign will make you more committed, sensible and responsible person. Happy makeovers will definitely be the theme of this week in all spheres of life. You will also see success in buying, selling, shopping for home, assets even investments on the stock market. 27th 28th will be excellent for financial gains. Those in sales and marketing will be benefitted. Teachers, Gurus and high profile officers will find comfort level and will highlight their skills and image.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal
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