Gemini 2014 Horoscope

(May 21 – June 20)

Gemini 2014
The planetary ruler of your zodiac sign is Mercury which indicates generous nature.The year 2014 will give you mixed fruits like sometimes happy, sometimes jarring, sometimes healthy and sometimes unhealthy. You will be engaged in some auspicious work at your home this year. Also, you may be busy at a family member’s health care. Your brothers, friends may unnecessarily cause stress. The good news for you is that the pending construction will be completed this year. The sweetness of the marital relationship will continue. Parents may have trouble with the health. As per Gemini 2014 Horoscope, you should focus on trade and take care of your health throughout the year.

Nature in 2014

You would have strong intellectual ability in theyear 2014. You can cope up with difficult circumstances. The glimpse of your nature can be viewed with ease. You will be flexible in nature on several occasions. You are a hard-working person and not afraid to fight. You always prefer to be self-sufficient. In addition to this, you are a good consultant and planner. Your sense of humor is helpful in attracting people.

Wealth in 2014

Gemini Yearly Horoscope predicts that2014 will be the great year for economic affairs. Suddenly, you may get the money from somewhere. You may get monetary benefit through a lottery or insurance. The collaboration of a person may strengthen your financial condition. You will be able to save funds this year. Apart from this, there is a possibility to receive certain property in the year 2014. So if you have worked hard, you will be able to achieve the economic means and the money this year.

Family Life in 2014

The study ofGemini 2014 Horoscope says that this year is quite advantageous for you in the context of family matters. Some great values, auspicious work or celebration is expected to be completed at your house this year. Moreover, the family atmosphere will be satisfactory. But since July, you will have to avoid making a wrong decision in respect of any family matter. So, if you have to make a big family decision, it is better to take advice of elders and experienced people. Despite all of these, the family atmosphere will remain good.

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Love Life in 2014

The year 2014 is likely to be favorable for love affairs. Don’t wait and go ahead, if you are planning to get married as this is the right time to do so.Your horoscope 2014 indicates that married people will get child’s luck and happiness this year. Besides all, you may be engaged with the new partner; however, some small roughly verbal disputes are possible. If you try to prevent the new purposes of affairs, it would stabilize your existing love relationship this year.

Business in 2014

This year will be better if you are going to start your business in partnership with someone. Your business will grow soon because of your good deeds. You can do business with the individuals having sun signs likeAries, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Aquarius. Sound decisions will drive you at the pinnacle of success.

Education in 2014

Year 2014 may be repulsive for the students. It is advisable that you should not rely on your friends and should not waste time in useless talks otherwise it may affect your test results. Engineering, mathematics and accounting students can get optimum results this year. This will be the balanced year for the students of Medical and Homeopathy. Along with this, the students related to Astrology, lecturers, teaching institutions will get best results in exams. You should chant the Mantra of God Jupiter ‘Om Guruve Namah’that will make you self confident. Tenth and twelfth standard students will be more serious towards their studies this year. Undergraduate students should not be negligent in order to get good marks.

Health in 2014

2014 predictions in terms of health may be mixed. You will be upset from the busy schedule. The fluctuation in your health will remain throughout the year. Blood pressure and diabetic patients need to concentrate on their health.Be cautious during journeys this time. If a task assigned to you may disturb your heath then don’t hesitate to refuse doing that task.

For the year 2014, yours fortunate numbers are 1,5,6,8,10,14,15,23,32,50 and yours lucky colors are white, red and brown. If you want to bring your good luck in every aspect of life, execute below remedies.

Wear green garments while performing vital functions.

Keep the piece ofbronze or silver in the pocket.

Offer flour tablets to the fishes.

Suppress green bottle filed byGanga Jal in the boonies on Wednesday.

OfferMoong daal to the birds.

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