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Virgo Career Monthly Horoscope For January 2014

1st January - 7th January

Mars in your sign makes you energetic and vibrant this week. Mercury, which is Virgo's ruler but also governs Virgo's house of career, will lend you creativity, motivation and capacity to concentrate. The activity could nevertheless be accompanied by difficulties and stress. You will benefit from finding your inner resources, and expressing them artistically. Your sign lord Mercury receives a big boost from Jupiter if you think that this recent rash of opportunities is a good thing you need to follow up on them as a way to ensure your further progress or success. Your introspection has helped you to see more about what you need to work on.

8th January - 14th January

Venus will be joined by the Sun, you will have more time in your hand to become romantically involved in a new relationship. Your sign Lord Mercury moves to sixth house this is the time to analyze, compare, and calculate. On 9th 10th financial area will be under pressure and there might be extra expenses, even losses, if you don't keep calm and rational. You better stop the expenses on pleasures and hobbies, also both lending money or taking out loans. Pay your bills on time, calculate your budget, and be careful where you put your money! There will be more chances to stand out, to benefit from more professional autonomy on 13th and 14th. Politicians should be away from media to avoid any controversy at this time.

15th January - 22nd January

Sun moves in your fifth house and full Moon in your gain house. This will lead to better efficiency and enable you to manage your business in a profitable way and reach success. In business, collaboration or actions will take place. Your status in the society shall get enhanced. Those in job might get promotion, salary hike or better job opportunities. You'll earn better money for your work at this time. You may want to enjoy spending time travelling to foreign land. Try to take a road of prudence and moderation and avoid decisions made on the spot, no matter how favorable the circumstances seem to be, as Mars in your sign may get you hyper. Renovation and beautification of house/office may take place.

23rd January - 31st January

The positivity of the last week will continue in this week too. You share good repo with seniors and friends. Discuss on financial aspects with the family will take place. There will be benefits and gains. Those in technical, aviation, and research related work will do well. Your sign lord Mercury moves in sixth house on 26th, this is the time to introspect. 28th 29th domestic matters will keep you busy, but Creativity in arts and related subjects will increase. Think about how to save money, as you will be tempted to spend money on the materialistic comforts. The dark Moon on 30th and later on 31st will also inspire you to make profits, gain favor of seniors and take part in spiritual activities. Your social circle shall enhance.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal

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