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Pisces Career Monthly Horoscope For January 2014

1st January - 7th January

January 2014 will make you vibrant and energetic as Mars has direct aspect on your sign. You will attract many new opportunities with your friends. Your love for natural beauty will help foster your creativity. Make sure you don’t act impulsively and get swayed by emotions without rational thinking. The Sun, Venus are in your career house in the first part of the month, Mercury can urge you to participate in conferences, reunions, manifestations sponsored by of some organizations, concerts or other actions where you can meet people you share interests with, especially if they are to your like.

8th January - 14th January

On 8th 9th and 10th you can resume older collaborations. Friends can also facilitate the closing of some contracts. However, you have to be very careful about the way in which you make your appearances: be moderate and diplomat! Popularity could play difficult to get. The financial field will be very active at this time maybe even under pressure. Investment in property, real estate could be the possibility at this time. Pisces can earn a lot of money, but beware in signing the deal as risk of losing will also be there. Have financial discussions with the family before precede any important deal.

15th January - 22nd January

With the transition of Sun in your gain house old connections will most likely remind you of how far you have come and reinforce your commitments to your personal career goals. Full Moon in your fifth house will give you a well deserved reputation of working very hard. You are going to meet or be attracted to a very striking person .This beautiful combination of Sun & Mercury gives you support of your seniors which will help you to grow professionally. Those in politics, medical and technical fields will realize their true potentials and use them for their benefits.

23rd January - 31st January

You now have faith that all of your brightest hopes and wishes will come true. Renewed faith clarity of goals will give you extra edge in your career. You have become wise in body, mind and spirit. You have learned many lessons and with it come calm contentment. You find all factors are favorable. As the month progresses towards the end, your contacts and associations will widen and you reap rich dividends out of it. You gain perspective by not just looking at the situation through your own self interest but considering what’s win- win for all involved.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal

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