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Libra Career Monthly Horoscope For January 2014

1st January - 7th January

in the beginning of the month you’ll be more active than you have been for a long time. Or maybe you have never been as active as this. Your love for harmony and beauty allows you to grow in your personal relationships. You will yearn for some creative freedom to give expression to your poetic urges. The desire to have better performance, to expand and impose will motivate you completely. The financial interest seems to be greater, as well.

8th January - 14th January

The interactions with the others associations, collaboration, public relations, competition, etc. will be stimulated and stimulating for Libra people all through January. The relaxing atmosphere at workplace helps you feel secure. In other words, You'll have the chance to make considerable progress, but you'll have to fight, to cope with unexpected situations, to make great efforts. You'll have a lot of stress and a tense, conflict-prone context. The harmony you usually try to build and maintain will be in danger of falling apart. Take it easy, set your priorities, plan, think clearly, don't rush! If you keep calm, you'll win.

15th January - 22nd January

Sun moves in your fourth house and full Moon in your career house will give you vitality and strong sense of optimism. You can expect a little support and recognition from those around you. You can make a constructive action to increase your income at this time, ask increment or hike in your salary. Those in politics will have the chance to express or implement their views into action. The Ideas are zipping through your head. Meetings, contacts and contracts will be there giving you better opportunities to grow. You owe respect and recognition for your work. 21st and 22nd you may have to travel spend money on vehicle. These days will be hectic and make your budget haywire.

23rd January - 31st January

You have a creative bent of mind and smooth management style. Mercury moves in house of education, recognition and children. You are going to be benefitted on all levels. You might surprise yourself by making big decisions impulsively. You understand what motivates people to do good job and will find in situation where people want your advice. Influential people, artistic values and good communication will interest you at this time. Those in finance, banks, and working with publishing, writing and media world will have good times. It is good for you to be with yourself and pamper yourself to help release a lot of energy that you tend to store up inside yourself.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal

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