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April 2014

Shifting Sands

The Aries Sun challenges your 4th house through to the 20th April. Sands are shifting as your stronghold starts to subside, revealing another course into which your current comforts of home could change, probably suddenly or unexpectedly. What appeared to be secure will undergo restructuring. As you focus inward, getting in touch with the deepest levels of your spirit, your journey unfolds in other directions. Uranus in your 4th house may require you to break free from existing patterns. It is a good time to be flexible, and accept any new changes to home and family circumstances.
Vyapaar Vridhdhi Kawach

With the Full Moon and total Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 15th, your professionalism will be on display to the public. Emotionally sensitive, your empathy and personalisation will win over the opposition.
From the 21st, the Sun moves into Taurus, your 5th house. Feeling good about yourself, you will want to enjoy some recreation through music, shows and being out there with good company. New relationships may add some sparkle, or existing ones will enjoy the charming and loving side of your nature. Take the children out and involve yourself with their activities, as they will enjoy your company.

Family Discussions

Mercury will be in Aries from the 8th to the 23rd, so domestic issues and family matters will be discussed. Inner pressures of emotions and feelings need to be expressed, as you cover issues of importance. Communicating matters from the past may revive, as you move them to the present. Watch for tension and anxiety, because if you overdo it they will place undue strain on your vitality. The tone of your discussions may create some resistance during the 15th-16th April, as Mercury hits on disruptive Uranus, when sudden explosive reactions are likely to take place. Avoid being too emotional during debates.

Charming and Communicative

Venus moves into charming, communicative Pisces on the 6th of April, so everyday life should focus on achieving harmony. You communicate in a light and loving manner as you push through barriers, even writing poetry, or being creative in speech and the written word. Short trips are favoured, especially to places of artistic appeal, including art galleries, as you focus on the beauty around you.

Energy and Ambition

Mars retrogrades through Libra all month. It's pressuring your mid-haven, so energy and ambitions are running high. You can create milestones and achieve a balance, or else you can expect opposition to your efforts. Try being your own boss and becoming independent. Dealings with authority figures could undermine your zest. Play down any resistance by being co-operative to avoid conflict.

Seek Advice

Expansive Jupiter in your opposite sign transits your 7th house. Relationships and partnerships are favoured, so be ready to come together with people who are benevolent, and willing to help overcome any obstacles you have faced over the last few months. Dealings in matters to do with the law, professional advice, and open conflicts require you to pay attention to detail in all aspects of negotiation. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, and take the interests of family and home into consideration.
Others will encourage a broader outlook, so seek out those who are more experienced in giving helpful advice. Important dates from the 15th and 16th, and the 21st to the 24th, are when you are likely to have changes in your circumstances with some unplanned setbacks. These changes are not likely to be favourable, but do not fret, they are due to events beyond your control.
Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio brings regrowth in areas where you need to work with others. Your knowledge should now manifest through groups, and like-minded people, as you outwardly convey your experiences.
A New Moon on 29th April will be in sensual Taurus. Your mood will be inclined toward the expression of love, pursuit of beauty, and enjoying outings and pleasant experiences. It's a time to enjoy music and creative artistic avenues.
Predicted By : Suzanna Sizzle Sky
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