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October 2014

1st October - 7th October

The first two days on 1st 2nd all money related problems your domestic issues will demand your attention, time and funds all of sudden. But you have the generosity to resolve complicated issues. The week ahead promises good start. You instigate dynamic changes at work this week. You make progressive, professional and personal commitments with sincerity and honor. It is a good time to start new activities, tie up in business as Moon in your sign will make you productive and rewarding. A good combination of planets in the ninth house indicates success in endeavors, good luck. Those looking for job, new house will strike very good deal which shall prove lucky in the long run.

8th October - 14th October

On 8th 9th this is going to make it difficult to have happy and fulfilling career. Don’t rely on others for small matters; you may be almost paralyzed when it comes to making your mind about anything to do with your professional life. 11th and 12th the period is good for contracts, contacts and profitable journeys are foreseen. You may try to hone your abilities and skills. You will progress fast and work with your mind rather than your head. Social commitments will keep you engaged too. You are blessed with youthful energy and enthusiasm but better guard against impulsive decisions taken due to lack of time and patience. You will make valiant efforts to ensure your seniority in your official career. By end of weak be careful in accounting, tax, banking, and loan etc issues. Any lapse may cause unnecessary extra work for you.

15th October - 22nd October

You will be enthusiastic in involving yourself in creative activities. New contacts with the learned person will broaden your horizon. Good money will be earned. Capricorn's money will come through partners, collaborators, protectors, family and from discreet actions. Planetary movements will happen this week, Mars, Venus & Sun will change their signs. With Sun, Venus movement in your career house, an important project or assignment may come your way on the professional front.

Your popularity shall increase there will be acknowledgement of your works. You will manage to be right side of your boss. Sun in your career house will be good for politicians, leaders and those in government jobs. Financially this could be a productive phase.

23rd October - 31st October

The first three days promotion and added responsibilities will cheer you up. Take time off to relax and meditate as you get stressed easily. Creating the right kind of environment conducive to smooth functioning is important so work towards it. Mercury gets direct, Moon activates your career house. Your versatility and multidimensional personality will influence others. You will remain busy in planning your future prospects and to find stability in life. The business will flourish, and new source of income will be generated. Some of you may get benefits from the ancestral property. 28th 29th are not good though and strained relations with the spouse will bother you.

Keep your accounts updated as tax related problem may emerge. Don’t be too vociferous about issues of which you have little knowledge at this time. On 30th 31th People will praise you and honor you. You will succeed in getting due honor and rewards.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal
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