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21st April 2014 to 27th April 2014
Sun transits your solar 11th house making this a great period to get in touch with friend, adding new people to your circle, and for initiating business plans. Mercury joins Sun in your solar 11th house making it more auspicious. You will excel when it comes to networking with others and taking others along with you as you pursue your career goals. There is likely to be much exchange of ideas with friends, relatives, and others close to you, and what you learn now can make things positive for you down the line in the future.
Venus in your solar 9th house indicates a taste for exotic in love matters, and long-distance romance is possible for some of you. If you are already in established relationship, and are staying away from the loved one due to practical reasons like job situation, you will share an almost telepathic vibe with love one making this an exciting period for both.
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Prediction By : Pandit R.DAKSHINAMOORTHI
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