Cancer Career Monthly Horoscope provides Free Career Monthly Horoscope for Cancer By our astrology expert Sanjana Mittal . Truthstar predicts what the stars hold of Cancer for your career monthly horoscope in this month.

August 2014

1st August - 7th August

Benefic Jupiter & Sun stay in your sign; therefore, it is a period of prosperity ahead of you. In this context, August 2014 will be like the pilot episode of a series: captivating, intense and rich in clues regarding what's going to be next. As for your career, the premise for some beneficial changes will be created and new collaborations or contracts will foreshadow. A tiff with your close friend or relation, expenses may put you in off mood on 3rd and 4th. Apply your creative mind to the rush of tasks.

Don’t get involved in others activities rather concentrate on your work and try to find ways to improve it. 5th 6th 7th are good and beneficial with regards to finance. Your honor, prestige and respect may rise. With your positive approach you will try to finish all your works and may achieve remarkable success.

8th August - 14th August

On 10th Full Moon in your relationship house will enable you to strike a right balance between your professional & personal life and cover up the losses. Venus moves in your sign too, at this time you feel out of the world, believe in hire the best, buy the best and brand yourself. You will enjoy entertainment, party and good food. There may be celebration at home. Domestic issue settlement and siblings’ support will increase your confidence. You may shoot up your profit substantially. Your plans will be duly executed and students will get success in achieving their goals. End week is good for spiritual awakening, pilgrimages and rituals.

15th August - 21st August

You will be hopeful, confident and your happy days may appear round the corner. Moon transits in your career house. Your profits will enhance, technical, mechanical and computer students should try hard, paying double attention to your new business deals can pay you the rich dividends. The future seems to be extremely rosy; there are things you need to deal with now. Sun moves in wealth house will be good and bring many opportunities to earn wealth, name and fame. In end week, while your health may not be good and you have to go through the throat cutting competition. You may feel under confident and deviated from your targets. Seeing outscoring your rivals, envy feeling might take over you.

22nd August - 31st August

23rd 24th your confidence and determination will increase. You feel versatile. Moon in your sign enables you to strike right balance between work & family. Those in arts, films, media and teaching profession will have good times. You may be assigned a responsible duty or may get hike in your pay scale. You will meet VIP/foreigner who will help you greatly later on. Around dark moon days on 25th 26th care is advised for those handling money or involved in financial negotiations. Journey or pilgrimage is indicated this week. 28th you will get some good news. Your prestige and glory may also rise suddenly. This is a good time to exploit.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal
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