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July 2014

The Start of Something New

The month begins with the Cancer Sun at home in your 4th house up to the 22nd. Family life has taken priority and the cosiness of having loved ones around you has given you enthusiasm to do more on the home front, establishing closer family ties particularly with the elderly, including parents. This could also be the start of something new in your life, especially with real estate negotiations and discussions with siblings.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on 12th July will be in your 10th house of career and public image. This is also known as the Thunder Moon, Hay Moon or Buck Moon. Career, ambitions, dealings with bosses or people in authority can be emotionally felt, especially when you have been in the public eye or community involvement. Find a balance between your goals and family matters, and review your achievements.

From the 22nd, the Sun steps out of Cancer and moves into vivacious Leo, your 5th house of romance, children and speculation. After a month of introspection, it's time to get out there and be the life of the party. Your diary will be full, featuring plans to go to outings, sports venues, concerts, places of entertainment and generally being in the limelight. You'll be enjoying the pleasures of creative pursuits, with your lovelife taking an upward turn.

A New Moon in Leo on the 26th will start a new cycle in your 5th house. A new cycle begins, savouring your need to express your creative juices. Surge forth with your emotional exuberance, and fulfil the need to be out there socialising and entertaining. Form new friendships along the way and ignite passion in your love affairs.

Mercury Turns Direct

Mercury stations on the 1st, then moves direct in Gemini from 2nd to 13th July, activating your 3rd house of communication. Any delays, ideas or plans that were held over recently, will be finalised at last: these include transport issues, short trips, and dealings with siblings and neighbours. Your mind will be super-active as you streamline important paperwork and email follow-ups, clarifying information for discussions.

From 14th July, Mercury re-enters Cancer, your 4th house of home, family and domestic conditions. What you briefly began last month takes on speed, tending to discussions on what is important to immediate family members, and any past concerns that need consideration now. Multitasking around the home and getting that bit of documentation underway, or working from home, could find you busy on the phone and internet. Unexpected news from 24th to 25th July needs your immediate concentration and attention to detail.

Exciting Prospects

Venus moves through Gemini, your 3rd house of communication, from the 1st to the 18th. Your language skills are filled with poetic charm and expression, with your writing skills being more descriptive and productive. Take time to smell the roses on your outings to scenic excursions, or short trips to places of art, music and beauty. Why not catch up with friends at a local cafe? The 7th could see you discussing some resolutions to your relationships.

On the 18th, Venus moves into your 4th house of home and family, where plans to redecorate around the home with some new furniture will be underway and gardening outdoors creates a peaceful and attractive atmosphere to entertain family and friends. Take care not to overindulge during this phase with good food and wine. The 27th to 31st July brings exciting prospects and passion into your life.

Major Developments

Mighty Mars, your life-ruler, remains in Libra your 7th house up to the New Moon on the 26th, after a monumental phase of slogging through your house of serious relationships, reaching agreements and looking at areas that needed a final decision on how you relate. Your expectations and needs, and outworn partnerships, have reached the time of finality. No matter how swift endings and separations may have been, it's time to move on.

On the 26th, Mars moves into a much more comfortable phase in Scorpio. This is no doubt timely, with new directions and energy already underway. A partner’s income or jointly-held property needs more attention than usual in weeks ahead. You may be forced to collect debts and favours owed to you, or make arrangements for repayment of your own debts. Insurance, taxes, inheritance, or money you manage for others may demand more time and attention. Situations with regard to sex include several possibilities: the physical act itself, counselling, or surgical procedures you undergo. Close attention to detail and enhanced awareness of subtleties mark all your physical efforts.

The Winning Side!

Expansive Jupiter finalises his journey through Cancer, your 4th house, on the 16th. This powerful and extensive phase has brought with it expansive ideals, benefits, and an optimistic approach to your environment and family.

From the 16th, Jupiter moves into Leo, your 5th house of creativity, children, pleasures, entertainment and speculation. This promises a prosperous year ahead, a time to enjoy life with all its abundance, and do some travelling overseas. If your work or career is of a creative nature, this can be a period of great success. Relationships and contacts with children may be greatly expanded. Romance can blossom, or, in its wider application, can enhance the quality of your life in general. You are more willing to take risks in months ahead, and for the most part, should emerge on the winning side of the chances you take.

Predicted By : Suzanna Sizzle Sky

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