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April 2014

Happy Birthday, Aries!

The Aries Sun moves through your first house until 20th April, 2014, which will highlight activity and an urge to get things underway. It will also be a time when you will look at life objectivity, because the drive to complete those outstanding projects may become overwhelming as you propel forward to impress those in authority. Feeling good about yourself, but beware of not realising the sensitive needs of others.
Vyapaar Vridhdhi Kawach

Those born in the earlier part of Aries have undergone massive changes and transformation as Uranus and Pluto move through your 1st and 10th houses. This will continue for some time as you evolve and regenerate a different you to the outside world. Focus on financial matters highlights from the 21 April as the Sun moves into Taurus, bringing a review of circumstances to do with your values, money, real estate, your earnings, banks, financial debts, investments and spending.
Prepare for a total Lunar Eclipse on 15th April in Libra. This generally focuses on public popularity and social pleasures. Partnerships, public profile, or a culmination of events is likely to bring out high emotions, as tensions are brought to a head around this time. Try to avoid heated situations, particularly if out in public places.

Tempers Could Flare

Mercury moves forward from Pisces into Aries on 8th April to 23rd April. From your sub-conscious levels, to your efforts will be self-assertion, and taking the initiative through communication. Mercury then moves into Taurus on 24th April with more emphasis on the financial sector, your earnings, spending and banks. Mercury conjuncts Uranus on 15th-16th April, tempers could flare as you try to get your point across.

A Romantic Interlude

Venus moves from Aquarius into the watery sign of Pisces on the 6th April, where it will stay all month. You will move your attention from entertaining friends to applying those interests of an aesthetic nature. A romantic interlude is also possible.

Ego Differences

Mars is moving retrograde through Libra bringing attention for a compromise as ego differences could hamper ongoing relationships. Backtrack over the events of the last few months and review matters that have been outstanding and need of urgent attention.

Time to Reassess

It's been busy on the home front with Jupiter in Cancer, and this is ongoing. You'll develop expansive ideas with your plans to decorate, buy real estate, or just improve on your existing home. You will be focused on family comforts with an abundance to offer. Keep in mind that delays could hamper your plans from 15th to 25th April, but the family will be more agreeable as you expand on your ideas after the 25th. No doubt you'll experience some impatience to forge ahead in the effort to attain your goals.
Saturn retrograde in Scorpio in your 8th house urges you to review areas of past dealings, including estates, legacies, wills, partner’s income and resources. Saturn helps us learn our lessons and how we will deal with them. As Saturn retrogrades it will cross over areas that came to light a few months ago, with a finalisation as Saturn moves forward again in July, 2014.
Uranus in your sign is particularly affecting those born in the 1st week of April, bringing an urge to act spontaneously, and a need to revaluate your current output to the world. These changes carried over from 2013, are due to be manifesting now.

The Grand Cross

The Grand Cross in Cardinal Signs which has been hovering around for months now is culminating this month and could create tension notably between the 21st and the 24th of April. Your actions may need curtailing, due to situations brought on by sudden events beyond your control. It's time to act cautiously, allowing circumstances to unfold, and to attend to menial matters.
Review areas within your relationships, partnerships, family and home, career, hospitals, institutions and how you relate to the outside world, as the current conditions will be unfavourable to take on anything new. Issues will be under the microscope. It could also mean that a career change will be imminent, due to a sudden stroke of luck which may involve greater work achievement. Any outstanding issues are likely to come to a head at this time.
A New Moon on the 29th will be in Taurus, so the pressure eases as you look to a new start in acquiring money! Luxury and beauty will be paramount in your mind.
Predicted By : Suzanna Sizzle Sky
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