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October 2014

1st October - 7th October

For Arians, the week begins with a cheerful note. It will be an ambitious period that will favour development and dignified movements. Saturn still activates your seventh house. You are recommended to approach relationships cautiously. Improve your immediate surroundings. Important financial operations will not be recommended. Mercury, Venus& Rahu in Virgo make you agile and nimble. You take quick independent decisions in professional matters. Mars in Scorpio in very good position and this will get you advantage in the electronic/IT fields. There will be economical gains too. Bank balance will increase on 5th ; there will be gains in property matters, or through ancestral property. Those looking for real estate deals are in good luck.

8th October - 14th October

Eclipsed Moon in Pisces will leave you in confusion what you should do. Conflicts with the close ones and short journey are indicated. Be careful on the first day, new professional/personal contacts will be established. Work, health & family will demand not only hard work and attention but investments and outlays in finance and time. Love, passion and romance are also there. You may look for Yoga, meditation, and alternative healing session to avoid anything serious in the future. There could also be journeys, legal issues and dealing at law courts. This period is good for enriching your knowledge, pilgrimage, and any type of spiritual pursuits. End week will bring desirable results on career front, you will feel at ease and earn well.

15th October - 22nd October

The good vibes of the previous week will continue in this week. There is recognition, achievement, new connections, new job opportunities and earning as well. Sun moves in Libra on 17th and makes association with Saturn & Venus there. In mid week avoid clashes and confrontations in the family matters. Health of father or senior in the family might be the cause of concern. There may be rift between the boss and the employees.

You may create new source of income, money matters will be sorted out easily. You will find time for your hobbies, interests and entertainment. Use your creativity in productive way. Three planets in partnership house could cause emotional imbalance and loss in business profits too. You may plan to switch over job, or changing your line of action. Politicians should be extra careful and away from media.

23rd October - 31st October

Mar, in its own sign will bring you energy, enthusiasm, and action. Festive spirit will make you vibrant. You'll have grand plans, full of boldness and originality; you'll easily identify opportunities and explore those rapidly obtaining maximum effects. There will be favourable situations to changes and new initiatives. Collaborations, associations and contracts will be very important and they might bring Arians a lot of satisfaction, but at the same time they might cause unexpected problems too.This week losses in relations and finances could be repaired. Moon’s auspicious transit will give you professional benefits. You find support of your relatives and friends. Moon in your career house will give you happiness, confidence and new zeal to accomplish your works. New job opportunities in IT/software/cosmetics, and fashion business will come on the way.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal
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