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November 2014

1st November - 7th November

Hi, Aries!!! The major event of this month is Saturn leaves your partnership house after long stay for three years and moves to Scorpio sign on 2nd. Still your seventh house is highly activated due to the combination of many planets- Sun, Saturn, and Venus & Mercury. A lot of activities in social sphere will make you quite busy. On 1st 2nd and 3rd monetary gains is possible. Aries’ ruler Mars in ninth house highlights studies and research. Long-distance collaborations, relationships with multinational companies or trips for studies or business could also be favoured around Full Moon.

8th November - 14th November

The starting of the week is good, educational goals can be achieved with your wisdom and dedication. You will receive unexpected gifts from friends and colleagues. Venus in your partnership house will get busy on social and domestic fronts. Some auspicious ceremony will be organized after the fulfillment of your professional targets. Your salary and income will get a boost. Your reputation in society and in family shall enhance. You will be able to achieve your professional targets. You may be drawn towards glamour, mysteries, and beauty and search happiness in these matters. Venus makes association with Saturn on 12th , 13th & 14th some unexpected expenditures may surprise you.

15th November - 22nd November

Sun transit in Scorpio this week, you might decide to change jobs, and if your work has not been fulfilling in the past, then initiative to make changes should be taken. A situation on the job or with your co-workers may seem to be all consuming of your energies. Sun transits in Scorpio. Tantra, Mantra, yoga and occult sciences will rivet your attention. 20th 21st yours working style and efficiency will impress you seniors for which you will get appreciation. But 22nd may not be favorable, there could be clashes/misunderstanding with seniors, loss of money, as combust planets in Scorpio sign may play hostile. Stay alert and don’t take up controversial & contentious issues now.

23rd November - 30th November

23rd situation remains the same nothing seems positive. As the week progresses you will achieve important things and you will be successful. 25th 26th are good for negotiations or social activities related to business. Your sign lord Mars moves in your career house on 27th with this you become most charismatic and well-received on the job. You are socially go-getting right now, and success may come though your good managerial qualities or some adventurous talent. People who turn your head are those who come across as especially competent. It’s time to take an initiative, to apply your confidence and positive attitude to something useful. Some of you are definitely living vivaciously and indulging your passions without going overboard. You can bid bye to month with cheerful note as you gain prosperity higher earnings, profitable investments, gifts and other material advantages.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal
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