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September 2014

1st September - 7th September

Sun & Venus in relationship house and Mercury in eighth house though enhance your aura, popularity and recognition. You will have a marked financial nature. Your actions and projects will surge after 4th once Mars has entered Aquarius house of career.

This week you might earn a lot of money, especially from collaborations and partnerships, but there's also the risk of making mistakes or being cheated. You’ll have a lot of determination in reaching your objectives, you'll be competitive and you'll feel the need to fight, to prove your strength and value, to mark your influence territory and to impose your point of view. You will be excellent for technical pursuits, computers, and mechanical and at a high level studies, specializations, exams, writing, etc. Do reality checks before you go for higher goals in weekend.

8th September - 14th September

This will be very good week in terms of career front. Sun & Venus still shine in your relationship house will give you various gains. Full Moon in your sign will make you multifaceted personality. There will be dealing with the matters children, loved ones, old people, boss, seniors, father, property and finances as well all at a time. You loving and unbiased behavior matters a lot. You may get a big order, and earn huge amount of money. Completion of held up project will give you peaceful mind. Given money will be returned to you, you may create a new source of income at this time. Fashion world will be in limelight, and even spiritually you feel enhanced and happy.

15th September - 22nd September

You might find yourself catapulted into the uncomfortable realm of office politics. On 15th 16th you have to shed your egoistic whims which may appear as your biggest enemies at this time. Try to behave in the way you want others to behave with you. Sun moves in eighth house, gives you insight and interest in reading in mysteries of life. 17th18th your income and finances will be on the upswing, you will suddenly be successful in your endeavors and become busy. There will be several profitable discussions with friends, co- workers and partners to grow the business. Mercury moves in Libra on 20th that brings clarity in all your communication. You will succeed in government works too because you have learnt from your mistakes.

23rd September - 30th September

On 23rd 24thdomestic issues, conflicts, and disappointments will speed up. Dark Moon in Virgo sign will see downside in your career. Don’t attach too much importance to issues that only a few days ego would have meant nothing to you. Avoid media; especially politicians have to be careful in this period. 27th and 28th Moon in your ninth house once again will pay you well of your hard work and you will continue to progress with patience.

Your creative plans could lead you to many money making opportunities too. Success in competition, interviews and exam is likely. This is the time when you grow with your knowledge and sincere efforts. Your new ventures, projects already started will show good results. But you need to make further efforts to ensure the progress.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal
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