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April 2014

Popular Archers!

The Aries Sun moves through your 5th house from the start up to the 20th April. The Sun accentuates your popularity, self-expression and the urge to take some risks as you aim to command the platform. You'll be getting out and about for recreation and amusement, although others may place restrictions on your fun-loving attitude. Forming sudden new love relationships is in the stars, as desirable creatures are attracted to your energy. Yes, you are coming out of a rut and enjoying life. You may experience some concerns over children although your relationship with them may become stronger.
Vyapaar Vridhdhi Kawach

With the Full Moon and total Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 15th of April, friends are likely to support you through social activities, group involvement, or humanitarian activity. You feel love received and aspirations achieved. From the 21st, the Sun moves into Taurus, examining your current work situation, how you manage tasks, and give service to others, including clients, co-workers, and meeting monetary obligations. Keep a positive attitude towards your health, through physical exercise, diet and hygiene.

Creative Linguistics

Mercury will be in Aries from the 8th April to the 23rd. Coming from seclusion to creative linguistics, your mental activity is super-active as you spice up your love life, pleasures and artistic pursuits. Your mind will have the agility of a tiger as you crave stimulation and higher levels of communication. You'll love trips to places where you enjoy musical entertainment. From the 24th, Mercury moves into Taurus, where you will refocus on your work situation, multitasking, further planning and meeting those achievable goals in an efficient way.
Nervous tension and anxiety can be issues if you overdo it, by putting excess strain on your vitality. The tone of discussions may create some resistance during the 15th-16th April, as Mercury forms a conjunction with disruptive Uranus, when sudden explosive reactions are likely to take place. Be tactful and avoid sarcasm.

Family Gatherings

On the 6th, Venus moves from intellectual Aquarius into emotional Pisces, your 4th house, where harmony around the home becomes an issue. Family gatherings are in the air, also redecorating, comfortable living... and overindulging, which can lead to indigestion! You will be in a dream state as Venus joins Neptune from the 11th to 13th April which inclines you to express your ideals artistically. Realism may set in about a fantasy in which you have been indulging.

Social Involvement

Mars retrogrades all month through Libra, your 11th house, so you will look to sports, groups and associations. Get actively involved, promoting your creative endeavours in the social environment through music or art. Enjoy hanging out with friends, but do not take out your aggression on them, for Mars can be fierce and argumentative at times.

Financial Resources

Expansive Jupiter in Cancer transits your 8th house, so be ready to deal with taxes, inheritance, or matters to do with shared financial resources. It's a good time for entering into a new business partnership, and pooling resources. Fortune shines in many areas, with a healing process underway that may not be obvious because of psychological blockages experienced recently. An expansive regeneration is taking place, as spiritual values are reignited. From the 15th and 16th of April, and over the 21st to the 24th, are when you are likely to have changes in your circumstances with unplanned setbacks. These developments may not be favourable, but they are likely thanks to events beyond your control.
Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio urges you to review and revisit areas of your life to see what accomplishments have been achieved (or haven’t) over the past few years. No need to take action, but summarise and move on. Some areas will start to fade away as new directions take place over the coming months.
It's an exciting time with Uranus active in fiery Aries. New and unusual relationships are developing; these may change your outlook on love as old structures break down. As new experiences gain momentum, you will redefine your expectations and understanding from others. New relationships that start now, may or may not last depending on other chart factors; however they could be very stimulating, exciting and very Uranian. New creative technology could be a source of amusement. Children could be challenging, rebelling against the norm.
The New Moon on the 29th will be in Taurus, bringing about work-related issues as you look towards making money through your value systems and achievable talents.
Predicted By : Suzanna Sizzle Sky
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