Pisces the Fish in 2013

Slightly NervousPisces the Fish in 2013

You may be feeling slightly nervous as the year begins, thanks to aggressive Mars in Aquarius lurking in your 12th house of subconscious matters! Of course, with Saturn in your 9th house of legal matters and religious beliefs squaring Mars during the first week, you'll need to watch out for flying shards of karma. Let your higher angels inspire you to be the best you can be rather than let your demons turn you into your own worst enemy, and all should be well. You'll be ready to connect with your friends when the New Moon in Capricorn on January 11th blends with trans formative Pluto, communicative Mercury, and affectionate Venus in your 11th house of friends and associates. Over the next several years, your friends and the groups you belong to will go through profound changes that are unavoidable. You may be leaving certain groups for others that are more in line with how you now see the world. With Uranus activating your 2nd house of personal values, it may be that you are going through a very rapid evolution in terms of what your life priorities are. It may seem sudden to others, but in truth, is has been coming on for some time. As your ruler Neptune continues the long trek through your sign, you have the rare opportunity to achieve your highest potentials. Be inspired!

Happiness and Joy

Jupiter in friendly Gemini and your 4th house of home and family for the first half of 2013 makes your domestic situation both happy and expansive, with the month of May being very significant for you in terms of who you live with, where you live, and how you live. Many of you may be moving to a larger home, adding to your existing one, or investing in a second property... as a dual sign, Gemini often signifies two of everything! Welcoming new family members is also a strong possibility, whether through marriage, birth, or adoption. After June 26th, expansive Jupiter enters nurturing Cancer and your 5th house of romance, children, and creativity, which should increase the joy in your life. Falling in love, getting pregnant, giving birth, and having more fun in general are all more likely. Artists and writers will find increased inspiration and productivity, while athletes will be encouraged to push a little harder and stretch a little farther. If you have children or work with children, you'll find it much easier to relate to them as you reconnect with your own inner child.

Serious Matters

Saturn moving through Scorpio and your 9th house of legal issues, higher education, and religion will place the focus on serious matters in your life. You may be involved in ongoing litigation or having difficulty with an issue related to publishing and copyrights. In laws and relatives at a distance could also present challenges or add to your growing list of responsibilities and obligations. Some of you are hard at work earning degrees and certifications that will benefit you professionally in the years to come. Several transits will trigger Saturn's influence in your 9th house this year, including a Mercury Retrograde and a few lunations. Look to these times for significant events related to 9th house issues. Saturn in the 9th may find you studying and researching quite a bit over the next two years, but in the end you certainly will have earned your rewards.


The year begins with you in the public eye as Venus in Sagittarius twinkles in your 10th house of career and reputation. You'll get the recognition you deserve and have the favor of your boss, so enjoy the limelight! You'll want to celebrate with your friends after January 9th, when Venus enters Capricorn and your 11th house of friends and associates. Things might get intense once Venus meets up with Pluto, Lord of Regeneration, on January 17th. Obsessions and jealousy are not out of the question, so choose your pals carefully. With Pluto in your 11th house for many years to come, you may find your concept of friendship and the groups you are passionate about are going through a transformation. On February 2nd, the Planet of Love enters Aquarius and your 12th house of secrets and solitude, urging you to reflect upon your relationships. This could be a time of secret affairs and clandestine activity, but most likely it points to working in a selfless and charitable way behind the scenes. You'll be ready for center stage once the Goddess of Love and Beauty swims into Pisces and your 1st house of personality and appearance on February 26th, blending with Neptune and making you even more attractive and mysterious than usual. Take this opportunity to ask for what you want!

Venus enters creative Aries and your 2nd house of personal values and finances on March 22nd, combining with Uranus to potentially bring sudden good fortune in the form of windfalls and bonuses. If you find yourself with a little extra cash, this is a good time to show yourself a little bit of love. Why not splurge on a nice new pair of boots or other little luxury you've been dreaming of? Once Venus enters practical Taurus and your 3rd house of siblings and neighbors on April 15th, you'll notice greater warmth and affection in your community. This is the perfect time to start a book club or community garden that will bring people together.

When attractive Venus enters versatile Gemini and your 4th house of home and family on May 9th, you'll enjoy having people over to socialize in your home. Some of the happiest days of the year will be during the month of May, and you need look no farther than your front door for a place to celebrate. Some of you may be moving and you can rest assured that this move is being made under lucky stars! Enjoy what time you have to spend with your family, as they will appreciate your efforts even more. After June 3rd, Venus sidles into Cancer and your 5th house of pleasure and creativity. This is a time to do what brings you joy, so allow yourself to reconnect with your inner child. Romantic evenings with someone special are favored, whether it is a first date or a 50th wedding anniversary. Celebrate life! The focus shifts once Venus roars into affectionate Leo and your 6th house of health and duty on June 27th. Relationships with coworkers become more friendly and helpful, and the office benefits from an increased sense of camaraderie. If you are looking for a new pet, this is a wonderful time to check with your local animal rescue groups for the perfect companion.

Venus enters earthy Virgo and your 7th house of marriage and partnerships on July 22nd, placing the focus on the most significant others in your life. If you are partnered, this is a great time to rekindle the old flame, even just by being as supportive and compassionate as possible. If you are single, you might find someone who has all the best traits of your opposite sign of Virgo to your liking! This can lead to greater passion after August 16th, when Venus enters lovely Libra and your 8th house of intimacy. A more balanced sense of give and take can help make you feel closer, so don't hesitate to share your needs and desires with each other. The 8th house also rules other people's resources, making this good time to ask for loans or other forms of assistance. Venus moves into seductive Scorpio and your 9th house of travel and adventure on September 11th, enticing you to move beyond your normal boundaries. Of course, with Saturn here for some time to come, you may be restricted by factors beyond your control. If you can't take an actual trip during this time, you can explore different cultures and customs within the confines of your own city. Go on a date to a highly rated restaurant that serves a kind of food you've never tried, or rent a foreign film with subtitles.

Before you know it, Venus sails into Sagittarius and your 10th house of career and reputation on October 7th, placing you in the public spotlight. Kudos and awards are more likely now, as are individual expressions of appreciation for all you do. Authority figures are more receptive to you, making this a great time to ask for a raise or other consideration. Celebrate your successes by spending more time with your friends after Venus slips into Capricorn and your 11th house of friends and associates on November 5th. This is also a great time to work common goal or cause you believe in, as you are likely to make new friends whose values are in line with yours. With Pluto in this house, you may find yourself making friends who trigger memories of past lives or seems somehow familiar. Venus turns retrograde on December 21st, which means she will remain in your 11th house until March 2014, giving you months to consider which friends are good for your soul's evolution and which ones are likely to lead you right back down to the bottom of the ocean.

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