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October 2014

Style and Eloquence

Happy Birthday Libra! The Sun will be shining brightly in your 1st house of personality at the start. This is your time to be optimistic, confident and exuberant, showing the world your new image and vital energy. The way you feel will come through in your outward appearance, especially your dress sense, style and eloquence! The social scene will beckon, so be prepared and keep your wardrobe updated!

The next 12 months will see good luck, challenges and something of a learning experience. On October 4th, power struggles on the home base will need some gentle persuasion, while from the 10th to the 20th is great for catching up with friends, socialising and partying. An attractive admirer (or two!) are ready to take up an offer of romance.

The Full Moon, accompanied by a rare Total Lunar Eclipse, comes in your opposite sign, Aries, on the 8th. It's known as the Hunter's Moon and will activate your 7th house of marriage, partnership and open confrontation. The Moon at the eclipse will also be conjunct disruptive Uranus in pushy Aries, in a stressful square to obstructive Pluto in conservative Capricorn. The Hunter's Moon (in the Northern Hemisphere) occurs when autumn leaves are falling and the game is fattened. This is the traditional time for hunting and preparing to store provisions for the long winter ahead. October's Moon is also known as the Blood Moon, Harvest Moon and the Dying Moon, depending on nicknames that have been given by tribes.

The Full Moon in your 7th house encourages you to place a closer focus on your relationships. Relationships are your forte of course, but this can be a particularly intense time in terms of dealing with the flood of emotions as unexpected changes emerge. For some Librans it could mean the break-up of existing conditions or relationships, or alternatively for others it will free up your current commitments, investing them with renewed love and harmony. The underlying factor will be to look beneath the surface for any areas you may have overlooked regarding your partner's needs. They could be sexual, or even a need for freedom within the relationship. Are you performing a balancing act in keeping the relationship running smoothly? Issues will come out. Business partnerships could do with a closer examination in achieving targets; legal agreements and contracts may have ended and opponents could be a cause of concern. Sit down and have a heart-to-heart talk to solve any nagging problems.

On the 23rd, the Sun steps out of Libra and moves into Scorpio, your 2nd house of personal resources and possessions. It's time to scrutinise your expenditure, beginning with an appropriate accounting system. Necessary repairs and everyday living expenses may have left little in the piggy bank for unexpected bills. Be particular about spending at the moment, and hold off on self-indulgences. Research and investigate monetary solutions and implement a system that meets your budget analysis.

The New Moon on the 23rd is a partial Solar Eclipse, coming in Scorpio, your 2nd house of resource and possessions. It will be a powerful and intense New Moon, which is also conjunct luxury-loving Venus. Focus on the importance of your personal values, earning ability and possessions. Resist the temptation to spend on status symbols. New plans and paths are likely to take over outworn methods, causing you to restructure and rethink your priorities by balancing your financial goals and opportunities. Wise investments could pay substantial dividends at a later date.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury begins the month slowing in Scorpio, your 2nd house of resources and possessions, and turns retrograde on the 4th. The first few days of October will see you actively involved in setting a benchmark and reassessing your current financial constraints with a new enthusiasm, methodical investigation and communication with financial organisations. Don't be fooled by their jargon. They are out to make money from you!

From the 4th, prepare for delays with talks, as the likelihood of misunderstandings is higher, together with loss or delays in paperwork, combined with incorrect information, data loss, forgetfulness, internet and phone delays, and waiting for other people to reply to you. A frustrating time for many until Mercury re-enters Scorpio in November.

On October 10th, Mercury moves back into Libra, recapturing the expressive side of your mental strengths through writing, social gatherings and those you are in contact with. Relationships and business partnerships are likely to receive a few sharp tongue lashings over matters have been ignored or overlooked. The 16th to the 22nd brings good news from friends and groups, keeping you busy with correspondence, enjoying the social network, travel and making connections. An old flame may reappear to take up where you left off last month.

Mercury goes direct on the 25th when clarity of thought starts to clear confusion, making it easier for you to achieve resolutions in weeks ahead.

Charm Is Boosted

Venus, your life-ruler, is at home in Libra at the start, staying there till the 23rd. Mercury too will re-enter Libra on the 10th, boosting your charm in negotiations and social networking. However, you should remember that there could be delays in correspondence and people contacting you. Relationships will play a key role this month, not only in love relationships, but in marriages, legal affairs and business connections. Venus will be gracious in bestowing beauty, charm, personal etiquette, good luck, harmony and the ability to attain balance. Pleasant surroundings and nice clothes will make you feel good, and you won't be short on attracting new admirers.

After a few hiccups and changes on the home base, your sexuality will be strong enough to pursue your partner with fun in mind, or to find a hot and sexy prospect after unexpected changes in your current relationship. It may be the start of new love affairs for many Librans, especially through your friends and social network. Travelling to meet up with someone special could lead to a very stimulating sexual encounter, one to remember. Work routines may benefit you towards the end of the month. On the 23rd, Venus moves into passionate Scorpio, your 2nd house of resources and possessions. A tight scrutiny of expenditure will help proposed new budget plans, and necessary cutbacks will see favourable outcomes.

Supreme Negotiator

Mighty Mars remains in prancing Sagittarius, your 3rd house of communication to the 25th. Your driving force will be to cut through red tape and be direct in your expression. However, being impulsive, argumentative and critical in the way you come across in conversations may offend those who are more sensitive, which will not aid in attaining your purposes. Libra is the supreme negotiator of the zodiac, so show that art of negotiation and be clear on your intentions, especially when dealing with friends and siblings, and those you connect with. Short courses are ideal.

Learning a new language skill through groups is especially favoured between the 6th and 11th, when friends and associates will welcome your company. It will be an opportune time to expand your knowledge. From the 26th Mars moves into Capricorn, your 4th house of home and family to add some pulsation into projects with your family, home business or real estate concerns.

Unexpected Opportunities

Benevolent Jupiter remains in Leo, your 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes, and love received. This month your commitments will accelerate, bringing unexpected good luck and opportunities mainly through your network of communication, and your social scene. New friendships and love relationships will form, giving you a direction to plan ahead with your goals and finance commitments. Perceptions in business partnerships could be reorganised, or changed for the better.

Predicted By : Suzanna Sizzle Sky

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