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April 2014

Optimistic Ideals

The Aries Sun moves through your 9th house to the 20th April, 2014. Plans for a an overseas trip, vocational interests to clinch that degree, science, law, psychology, commerce, foreign languages and dealings. Optimistic ideals come to the fore as you aspire to achieve your goals.
Vyapaar Vridhdhi Kawach

Then there's the Full Moon and total Lunar Eclipse on 15th April in Libra, highlighting short trips, communication, writing, reading, expressive stimulation and education. As much as you love to express your loving feelings and warmth you show, try not to be too dramatic as the energies from others may be unfavourable. You may get a call from one of your siblings. Don't get into trouble with the neighbours!
From the 21st April, the Sun moves into Taurus, so your thoughts turn to your ambitions, profession, recognitions and social activities. You'll enjoy being in the limelight through your creative talents. A possible promotion or change in your career direction is in the stars.

A Good Debate

Mercury will be in Aries from 8th April to 23rd April. From poetic recitals and music, your shift will be to having a good debate, as your impulse to say what you feel just might instigate an argument, especially during 15th-16th April, when Trickster Mercury is conjunct disruptive Uranus. Mercury moves into Taurus from the 24th, when your focus changes and new ideas need more practicality. Music, singing, attending to finances, paperwork, and general discussions on your latest acquisition are in the air.

Passion and Sexuality

On the 6th of April, Venus moves into Pisces, your 8th house, bringing further news to do with estates, inheritance, or insurance. Your passion and sexuality will be on the rise, with

Romantic Interludes

coming your way. This could also be a time of excess, obsessions, too much food and wine, and hidden valued items. Hopefully your partner has a hefty wallet.

Direct and Forthright

Mars retrograde through Libra in your 3rd house all month accentuates your mental state. Direct and forthright, you will easily get your point across. Your energy levels are high and demanding, even aggressive. It's a seesaw of mindful agility, as you go off in all directions. Finding a balance in your activities on the mental plane will not be so easy, however. Concentration will need harnessing, as adventure will be on your mind. Negotiate on any outstanding matters in your naturally charming way.

Opportunity Arises

Self examination is needed as Jupiter in Cancer transits your 12th house, reflecting on recent months as you soul-search. Expansive events to do with inheritance and legal issues, sorrows, and secret strengths come to attention. An opportunity arises in which you can take on further artistic endeavours, including music, poetry, singing, and acting. Important dates are the 15th and 16th April, and 21st to 24th April, when you are likely to have changes in your circumstances with unplanned setbacks As these changes are less than favourable, most likely through events beyond your control.
Saturn's retrograde path through Scorpio and your 4th house stimulates a review of your home and family, stability and security. Family ancestry, and finding the roots of where you belong by delving into taboo subjects will occupy your mind. Issues that have been outstanding on the domestic front will be addressed.
With Uranus in Aries, your inventive urge will come to light as your adventurous thoughts turn to reality. Quick off the mark, you yearn for long distance destinations of intrigue, and a desire grows for the unexpected. Your outlook may be unorthodox, as you look to foreign affairs and matters of religious or spiritual significance.
The New Moon on 29th April will be in Taurus, looking at your profession in a deeper, more practical fashion. The responsibility that it carries with it and your change in material possessions will require an important new start.
Predicted By : Suzanna Sizzle Sky
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