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Graphology is a science of determining the personality, character traits and destiny of a person from his or her own handwriting. Here select your writing way and know about yourself.

Step 1

Ascending & Descending
An ascending baseline means optimism. A descending baseline means pessimism, tiredness or depression. A level baseline indicates a healthy balance between optimism and pessimism.

Convex lines are where they rise followed by a descent which indicates a fading of initial enthuseiam and energy. Could indicate a good starter who gets easily bored, someone who gives up and is a bad finisher, lack of determination.

Concave lines are where they dip in the centre and rise again and indicate a recovery of strength of energy of comeback which therefore shows courage, stamina and determination.

A person with a straight baseline is tense and over disciplined. A very wavy baseline signals a person who is on an emotional roller coaster.

alt Ascending
alt Descending
alt Straight
alt Convex (first ascends and then descends)
alt Concave (first descends and then ascends)
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