Tips to Improve your Career

The tips and suggestions given here touch some important aspects of your career. By giving a little attention and following the remedies you can improve your career.

1. Preparing for the Interview …

For couple of days prior to the interview, say the following affirmation. Have three sessions; in the morning, at mid-day and at night. During each session sit comfortably in a quiet place and repeat the affirmation for five to ten minutes. If possible find out the name of the person by whom you will be interviewed. If you do not know the name just say ‘the interviewer’ in place of the ‘name’:

‘I will on (date) favourably impress (name)’

On the day of the interview before appearing for it sit quietly and take a few deep breaths and exhale slowly over approximately twice the time you took for inhaling. Compose yourself and then confidently face the interviewer.

Look confident and relaxed even if you do not know correct answer to any difficult question.

If possible during the interview briefly mention about any success story or achievement with your previous employer (if any).

2. Changing Job …

In case you are not satisfied with your present job due to any reason such as lack of growth, low salary, low rank, irrelevant work etc. Then before deciding to leave have a meeting with your boss and express your feelings. It could be that just by disclosing your feelings you get due consideration.

Avoid changing jobs or place of residence during unfavourable transits of Saturn such as a ‘Dhaiya’ or ‘Sade Sati’.

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Saturn under afflictions or during unfavourable transits may cause obstacles, delays in promotion and other career related matters.

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3. Improve your Skills …

Improve the skills required for your work. Whatever your work you must improve your skills of communication, expression and listening.

(a)You should be able to communicate clearly

(b)You should be able to express yourself effectively

(c)You should listen attentively to whosoever is talking to you.

In order to improve such skills you should recite at least one mala of the mantra, ‘Om Bum BudhayeNamaha’ on Wednesdays at any suitable time. Wear more of red and green colours and avoid black and blue.

4. Take More Responsibilities …

If you decide to take extra responsibilities and work then make sure that your seniors notice this. Staying behind the scene may not get you due credit.

If you are suffering due to conceit, jealousy or back-biting by colleagues and subordinates then visit any Hanumaan temple on Tuesdays and take some sindoor (vermilion) from the Hanumaan idol and apply a tilak (auspicious spot) on your forehead. Do it yourself or ask the priest to do so.

5. Obstacles in Career …

In case you are facing obstacles in your career then either the 2nd or 3rd houses in your birth chart or Jupiter are under affliction or there is a Vaastu defect in the Northeast corner of your house. Consult an Astrologer.

In case the planet Jupiter in your birth chart is under malefic influences or weak in strength then take blessings of your parents or elders every morning by touching their feet. Alternately offer water at a Peepal tree every Thursday.

A toilet or kitchen in the northeast direction may be the reason behind obstacles. Take advice of a Vaastu expert for curing such defect. Alternately you can resovle your problem through asking our expert by ordering Personalised Ask a Vaastu Related Question Report

Every evening light a Deepak (lamp with pure ghee) and place it in the southeast corner of your home or your room if living in a rented room.

6. Improving Relations with seniors …

If in your birth chart the Sun is weak then strengthen it by reciting one mala (Rosary of 108 beads) of any of the following Mantras,daily in the mornings at Sunrise time or at least on Sundays.

(a) ‘Om GhriniSooriayeNamaha’

(b) ‘Om BhurBhawaSwa, Tatsvitur-Varenium, Bhargo-DevasyaDhimahi-DhioYo Na Prochodiaat’

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