1. Sadesati and Dhaiyya, generally these two terms create fear in mind. It is true that with the transit of Saturn in Libra, the most affected Rashis will be Virgo, Libra and Scorpio Rashis as these will be under the impact of Sadesati (Third phase, Second phase and first phase of Sadesati respectively. Cancer and Pisces will face Dhaiyya. Apart from these five Rashis some Rashis like Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius and Capricorn Rashis will get the auspicious results of this change. Saturn changes its House in every two& half years. With this transit of Saturn, the effects of Saturn on different Rashis are also changed. Let us see, the auspicious and inauspicious results caused by the transit of Saturn on different Rashis which is taking place on 15 Nov 2011.

2. All Planets move around the Sun and take their own time to complete a round as per their motion. Saturn completes one round in about 30 years of rotation around Sun, Saturn transits in one Rashi almost 29 months (two and half years) moving in its slow motion. This year, Saturn will change its rashi and enter in Libra Rashi on 15 Nov 2011, at 10:12 hrs, in III Pada of Chitra Nakshatra where Saturn exalts and remains happy as Libra is ruled by Venus who is Saturn’s friend. During this transit, it gets the stages of retrogression, direct, combustion and rising.

3. On 07nd Feb 2012 at 19:33 hrs Saturn will get Retrograde in Libra

4. Between 16th May and 4th August 2012 it will be in Virgo Rashi in its Retrograde motion

5.Between 15th Oct 15th Nov 2012, Saturn will be in combustion due to its conjunction with Sun.

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Mahrishi Kashyapa wrote in Shani Stotra- when Saturn is happy he bestows his blessings and makes beggar a king, and when he gets angry he snatches kingdom and makes king a beggar.

There is a quote in Shani Chalisa-

Now the question arises, how, to whom& when Sani Dev gets happy. When Shani transits in its exaltation (Libra rashi) and Mool Trikona Rashi(Aquarius) and when Saturn transits in 3, 6, 11 Houses from Lagna or Rashi, he bestows his blessings during that period.

Leo natives will be free from the impact of Sadesati with this transit and Saturn will transit in Third House. For Taurus natives Saturn is Yogakari Planet being the lord of two auspicious Houses- Ninth and Tenth Houses and will be transiting in Sixth House. Hence the Lord of two auspicious Houses in exaltation will bestow his auspiciousness to Taurians. For Sagittarius natives Saturn will be transiting in Eleventh House from Lagna.

Libra is sign where Saturn exalts. A planet is in Dipta Avastha in its exaltation and bestows its hundred percent results. Libra sign is an odd sign and a planet is auspicious and awakened till 10 degree in odd sign. In this awastha(stage) a planet has the potential to accomplishe all works. So Saturn’s transit in Libra will bestow all auspiciousness and prosperity to those natives who have Taurus, Leo and Sagittarius Lagnas or Rashis. All these three Rashis will get prosperity, victory and financial gain respectively.

A native having maximum numbers of dots (benefic points) in Saturn Ashtakvarga of Saturn will have higher capacity to be conferred benefic results, means the collective beneficence of the positive influences thrown by Saturn in reference to his own position in a sign. A synthesis of transit and Ashtakvarga can add a definite accuracy to the predictions.

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When Saturn transits in that House which has many dots (benefic points), then native gets auspicious results come in the domain of Shani and the House from the Lagna, where Saturn transits, it increase the auspiciousness of that House.

For example, the native in whose kundali, Saturn has 4 or more than four dots in Saturn Ashtakvarga Kundali of Libra Rashi that native definitely will have auspicious results of Saturn. If Saturn transits in 3,6,11 Houses from its rashi and Saturn has 4 or more than 4 dots in Saturn Asthak varga, the native will get auspicious results. If Saturn has less Than four dots in Saturn Ashtkvarga, Saturn bestows inauspicious results.

Scared of Saturn Sadesati and Dhaiyya?

There is no denying the fact that the impact of Saturn transit has great weight age than other planets in zodiac due to its longer stay in one Rashi and its malefic nature. In 1, 2, 4,5,7,8,9,12 Houses Saturn’s transit is painful. Saturn’s transit in 11, 1, 2 houses from births sign, is called Saturn Sadesati. Saturn’s transit in 4 and 8 signs from births sign is called Saturn’s Dhaiyya.

On the 15th Nov, 2011 with its transit in Libra, Leo, Rashi will be liberated from Saturn Sadesati and Gemini, Aquarius Rashi will be liberated from Dhaiyya effect of Saturn. Scorpio Rashi will start with first Dhaiyya, Libra Rashi with Second Dhaiyya and Virgo Rashi will start with Third Dhaiyya, Cancer Rashi will start with First Dhaiyya and Pisces Rashi with Ashatam Dhaiyya. This is only the Second time in last Thirty years when Saturn’s transit result will be auspicious for Sadesati and Dhaiyya affected natives. It is because, Libra is Saturn’s exalted sign and according to astrological principles- a Planet casts its auspicious results in its exaltation. That is why, the transit of Saturn will prove very auspicious for Sadesati and Dhaiyya affected people. Saturn’s transit in debilitation (Aries) Sign is called Pannoti and Laghu Kantkaki.

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So, Scorpio, Libra and Virgo Rashi and cancer and Pisces natives should not be scared of Sadesati and Dhaiyya effects of Saturn. Saturn won’t be inauspicious in its transit in exaltation; on the contrary they will be bestowed with peace and prosperity by exalted Saturn. They will be able to accomplish their pending works and desires in this period.

Capricorn and Aquariun natives will be blessed:- It is said–

Days turn for good even for a dung heap corner in Twelve years.

This proverb can be applied for Aquarius and Capricorn natives. 12 or 13 years before from now the lord of these Rashis Saturn was transiting in its debilitation in (Aries). Between the period (from April 1998 to June 2000) Aquarius and Capricorn natives were very unhappy and worried. But with this transit of their Rashi Lord in Libra, Shani will bestow its unlimited blessings to these Rashis.

Remedies:- However, to cast of the malefic results of Saturn one can do these remedies-
1- Immerse a Coconut in the flowing Water.

2- Feed the Ants with Panjiri made of Wheat Flour,Jjaggery, Black Sesame Seeds and Ghee, every Saturday.

3- Chant Hanuman Chalisa and Sunder Kand everyday.

4- Reciting Panchakshar Mantra of Lord Shiva‘Om Namah Shivay’ will definitely help to remove Shani Doshas.

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Article by Sanjana Mittal

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