Major Astrology Events in January 2014

January 2014
Major Astrology Events of January 2014 predicts the position of planets and its effects. Major Astrology Events will alert you in advance towards various aspects of life.

Mercury sesquiquadrates Uranus on December Venus quintiles Uranus on January 1,2014; Sun conjuncts Pluto on January 2, 2014; Sun squares Mars on January 3, 2014; Mercury opposes Jupiter on January 3, 2014; Mercury quintiles Dragon’s Head on January 3, 2014.

This is an excellent time for scheduling brain-storming sessions to identify solutions to vexatious issues and for planning your future strategies. Focus on churning out high quality work and while interacting with authority figures be deferential but not subservient in your gestures or attitude. Others will respect you only if you respect yourself! Approach all unfamiliar situations with abundant caution – but don’t shun risks totally.

Mercury semi-squares Neptune on January 5, 2014; Sun opposes Jupiter on January 6, 2014.

You need to be careful while handling essential routine tasks related to your career. Do not believe everything that you see/ hear as illusions could cloud reality. Be realistic in your plans and back up your claims with solid data rather than flimsy rhetoric if you are making major presentations today. What you think might be at odds with what influential persons have in mind. Try incorporating their ideas in your plans so that you won’t have unnecessary problems while implementing your projects.

Mercury conjuncts Venus on January 8, 2014; Sun semi-squares Neptune on January 9, 2014; Mars squares Jupiter on January 9, 2014.

You can be creative and logical at the same time under the aspects of this period making it a great time for composers of music, those involved in metaphysical pursuits, and people who have major project launches on the anvil. Ensure that you are armed with the facts and figures pertaining to your field of operations before making major presentations before influential figures. You must be realistic in your plans and back up your claims with solid data rather than flimsy rhetoric while making major presentation. Handle legal matters carefully even if they are poised in your favour.

Mercury quintiles Uranus on January 10, 2014; Venus sextiles Saturn on January 11, 2014; Sun sextiles Saturn on January 11, 2014.

This is a great period for devising futuristic strategies. Sudden change of tack can help you to throw your rivals off your scent and help you to achieve major victories in business matters. Try appealing to the sentiments/ vanity of others while trying to convince them to support your projects. Do not be put off by obstacles – but treat them as essential brakes to your wheels which may help you to avoid over-balancing yourself. A conservative approach to financial matters will yield better results now.

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Venus squares Mars on January 16, 2014; Sun quintiles Uranus on January 17, 2014; Mercury sextiles Uranus on January 17, 2014.

You need to be responsible in your romantic choices during this period. Impulsive decisions in romance or losing your control while interacting with members of opposite gender can spoil your reputation. Risky speculative activities are to be strictly avoided. If you make measured moves, this is a great time for launching dynamic projects and for interviews with influential persons to bag their support for your ideas. Political developments during this period can have important long-term consequences for all parties concerned.

Mercury quincunxes Jupiter on January 20, 2014

Out-of-the box thinking can help you to identify a way out of legal or corporate stalemates. This is a period that holds much promise – but how far you can enjoy the positivity of this period depends on how intelligently you handle sensitive situations and how tactfully you get others to agree to your point of view.

Mercury bi-quintiles Jupiter on January 23, 2014; Mercury trines Mars on January 24, 2014.

This is an excellent time for planning major corporate moves and for realignment of political forces. Unconventional ideas and calculated risks can yield great results during this period. Advertisements/ publicity campaigns to boost corporate image of your organization can extract good responses from the public. Information that you manage to unearth during this period will be of infinite value and can help you to gain leverage over others in your interactions with them.

Mercury squares Saturn on January 25, 2014

If professional and personal interests pull you in diverse directions, you must focus your energies on professional matters during this period. Your strategies during this day should have the right mix of traditions and innovations.This is a good time for scheduling performance appraisals and for quality-analysis study of any kind. Avoid trying to cut corners in haste and short-cuts at work; the longest and straightforward routes may be the safest! When in doubt, stick to tried and tested methods.

Sun sextiles Uranus on January 29, 2014; Mercury semi-squares Venus on January 30, 2014; Jupiter opposes Pluto on January 31, 2014.

Avoid deputing sensitive legal matters to subordinates today. Be logical in your approach to all matters – even if others try to lure you with emotional baits. You should avoid having preconceived notions about anything during this period and deal with things as they manifest in front of you If logical arguments fail to win over people, you should try coaxing others to your way through carefully deployed sentimental appeals and veiled compliments. Success is possibly only if you plan carefully but are willing to bend slightly to accommodate the views/ preferences of other crucial people involved in your works.

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Blessed be: Pandit R. DAKSHINAMOORTHI.

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