Major Astrology Events in February 2014

January 2014
Major Astrology Events of February 2014 predicts the position of planets and its effects. Major Astrology Events will alert you in advance towards various aspects of life.

Sun quincunxes Jupiter on February 1, 2014

Quincunx is a pin-prick aspect and things can get out of control when we least expect it. Take care and avoid rubbing influential persons the wrong-way. Legal matters need to be handled with alacrity and ideally you should handle major negotiations personally instead of deputing them to others.

Mercury trines Dragon’s Head on February 4, 2014

This is an excellent period for indulging in divergent thinking in an attempt to resolve vexatious issues. Have the courage to explore new avenues, try new methods, and experiment on existing work protocols to boost your prospects for success.

Venus quintiles Dragon’s Head on February 7, 2014; Mercury trines Dragon’s Head on February 10, 2014

Be dynamic and creative in your approach to all matters to boost your luck.Unconventional approaches and calculated risks will offer good dividends in financial matters. Quick buying and selling of stocks for profits is possible now for seasoned traders in the market. Sudden positive developments in romantic matters may warm the hearts of those in love.

Sun squares Dragon’s Head on February 12, 2014

Avoid sticking your neck out in unnecessary matters during this sensitive period. Ensure that your plans are in compliance with regulations in force to steer clear out of trouble’s way. Do not attempt to cut corners in haste or bend rules as this is a time when straight-forward approach is best. Those who try to weave a web of illusion around others will get caught in their own webs, and those who try short-cuts may reach dead-ends and may have to retrace their steps and follow the longer straight-forward path from where they deviated initially.

Sun trines Mars on February 15, 2014; Mercury conjuncts Sun on February 16, 2014; Mercury trines Mars on February 16, 2014.

Success comes only to those dare and act; be willing to back yourself up regardless of the odds stacked against your decisions. This is a great period for devising long-term academic/ business plans and for scheduling performance audits, feasibility studies, and research activities. Avoid vigilantism and over-aggressive approach, however as arrogance and over-stepping your limits can be the nemesis of many people during this phase. Be logical, law-abiding, and respectful of established conventions, and you will find ways to make the system work for you in the right way!

Mercury squares Saturn on February 19, 2014

This is a perfect time for reappraising your business strategies in an effort to plug loopholes. There is the possibility that practical situations will prevent you from going ahead on logically sound projects; accept the reality and formulate your ideas around the limitations of the situation instead of banging your heads on the wall in despair.
There is no limit to what you can achieve now if you know the art of bending with pressure and bouncing back again with time, and refuse to take no for an answer! Avoid unnecessary experimentation on dubious methods and trusting strangers.

Sun trines Dragon’s Head on February 20, 2014.

If logical arguments fail to win over people, you should try coaxing others to your way through carefully deployed sentimental appeals and veiled compliments. You should avoid having preconceived notions about anything during this period and deal with things as they manifest in front of you. Authority figures will be appreciative of dynamic approaches and innovative schemes; just ensure that you are not testing the regulations in force unnecessarily!

Sun conjuncts Neptune on February 23, 2014

Do not double-guess anything – just go with the flow of things and keep taking snap decisions as they occur to you in light of the prevailing situations, and you will be right. Influential persons will warm up to innovative ideas that are presented in an appealing manner.

Venus sextiles Saturn on February 25, 2014

There is a possibility of reunion with estranged relatives or loved ones under the influence of this aspect. Also, conventional financial strategies will yield better results than ideas that are too radical or untested.
Unconventional approaches might help you to impress everyone and help you to gather support for your futuristic projects. Make the best use of this time by involving yourself in training activities, devising futuristic plans, and by coordinating with members of your working team. Influential persons will respond favourably to carefully deployed flattery and charms. Turn the charm on in your business matters and laugh all the way to your bank!

Jupiter squares Uranus on February 26, 2014

Handle legal matters with abundant caution even if the situation is poised in your favour. Sudden developments might render previous advantageous positions irrelevant. At the same time, avoid getting panicky while responding to legal arguments/ notices. You need to be realistic and fully grounded to manage things in the best possible manner during this period.

Article by Pandit R DAKSHINA MOORTHI

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