Major Astrology Events in April 2014

April 2014
Sun squares Jupiter on April 1, 2014; Mercury parallels Mars on April 2, 2014; Sun conjuncts Uranus on April 2, 2014; Mercury quincunxes Mars on April 2, 2014; Venus sesquiquadrates Jupiter on April 2, 2014; Mars sesquiquadrates Neptune on April 2, 2014.

The straight-forward path will be best for all matters during this period. Attempting to cut corners in haste can cause unnecessary and avoidable brush-ups with enforcement authorities. Legal matters need to be handled with alacrity and ideally you should handle major negotiations personally instead of deputing them to others. Consider joining forces with like-minded others in an effort to accomplish common goals.

Snap decisions can help in resolving long-standing issues unexpectedly; however, you must draw the sensible line between being fast and being hasty when you take crucial decisions. Avoid stretching your luck in financial matters.

Sun contra-parallels Mercury on April 3, 2014; Mercury trines Saturn on April 3, 2014; Sun squares Pluto on April 3, 2014; Venus sesquiquadrates Uranus on April 3, 2014.

Be conservative in your approach to all matters. A methodical and patient approach will take you slowly and surely towards your goals. Avoid impulsive decisions in romantic and financial matters. Be diplomatic in your interactions with influential persons and avoid crossing swords with them as far as feasible. Resist the urge to try out short-cuts or unconventional business strategies as they may backfire on you now.

Mercury contra-parallels Uranus on April 4, 2014; Venus trines Pluto on April 4, 2014; Mercury quintiles Pluto on April 5, 2014.

This is the time to turn the charm on in all matters. Influential persons can be won over to your side by careful deployment of graded doses of flattery and sensible appeal to their vanity while roping in their support for your projects.

Authority figures will be in the right frame of mind to give clearance to well-conceived futuristic plans designed with general welfare in mind. Politicians must try to have political debates on logical basis to boost their image; this is one of those rare periods when masses may be keen to pay heed to logical appeal rather than emotional appeals/ rhetoric.

Mercury quincunxes Dragon’s Head on April 6, 2014.

Browse over important documents twice before signing your approval during this tricky period. Be prepared to work on alternatives if your original plans fail to take off as expected or backfire on you.

Sun opposes Mars on April 9, 2014; Venus sesquiquadrates Mars on April 9, 2014.

What you want may be at odds with what others think; try to find a sensible middle-ground so that your prospects are not compromised and, at the same time, conflicts are averted. Avoid impulsive decisions in romantic matters. In financial matters, be prepared to work on alternatives if your original ideas don’t give the results you expect.

Mercury sesquiquadrates Saturn on April 11, 2014.

There is no point in sticking on to the usual ways of doing things if the desired results are not forthcoming. Be prepared to change your outlook or perspectives if situations demand so.

Sun quincunxes Saturn on April 12, 2014; Venus conjuncts Neptune on April 12, 2014; Sun contra-parallels Venus on April 13, 2014.

Avoid any attempt to bend rules or extract concessions from others; sometimes, the straightforward method may be better and simpler in the final analysis. This is a great period for spending quality time with loved ones and recharge your batteries. Even if you are in a “work before you relax” mode and are immersed in professional dealings, contacts that loved ones had established in the past may prove valuable to you while resolving certain issues. Turn the charm in your professional dealings and try appealing to the sentiments of others while trying to rope in their support for your projects.

Mercury conjuncts Uranus on April 14, 2014; Mercury squares Jupiter on April 15, 2014; Sun quintiles Pluto on April 15, 2014; Sun quincunxes Dragon’s Head on April 15, 2014; Mercury squares Pluto on April 15, 2014.

Snap decisions might be needed to handle sudden developments in business matters. Handle legal issues very carefully after discussing all possibilities with experts in the field. Secret meetings with influential persons will do wonders to your prospects. However, have the facts and figures pertinent to your activities ready at hand as influential figures will insist on substance and proof, and might be put off if they feel you are simply indulging in empty rhetoric.

Lunar eclipse on April 15, 2014.

A Lunar eclipse occurs between 11-28 a.m. IST and 3-03 p.m. IST. The eclipse is not visible in India. It will be visible in the region covering Eastern Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Western Africa, and Western Europe. Those living in regions of visibility of eclipse and born in stars of Chitra, Hasta, Swathi, Mrigasira, and Dhanishta must perform eclipse remedial worships to avert the malefic impact of this eclipse.

Mercury contra-parallels Mars on April 16, 2014; Mercury parallels Uranus on April 16, 2014; Mercury opposes Mars on April 16, 2014.

Try resolving contentions issues by process of negotiation and consultation during this period. Try looking at matters from the standpoint of others so that you will know where there is scope for finding middle-ground which can help resolve vexatious issues.

Venus trines Jupiter on April 18, 2014; Venus sesquiquadrates Dragon’s Head on April 18, 2014; Venus sextiles Pluto on April 18, 2014.

This is the time to turn the charm on in your business matters. Appeal to sentiments of others while trying to convince them regarding your projects. This is also a great period for planning long-term financial strategies. Influential persons will respond favourably to carefully deployed flattery and charms. Turn the charm on in your business matters and laugh all the way to your bank!

Mercury contra-parallels Venus on April 19, 2014; Mercury quincunxes Saturn on April 19, 2014; Venus quincunxes Mars on April 19, 2014.

This is a great time for experimenting on working methods to identify the most productive work protocols. However, avoid extremes of conservatism and radicalism while implementing your plans, and adopt a balanced approach to everything. You must weigh the pros and cons of business plans carefully before deciding on your course of action during this period. Avoid being over-critical of anything as this may alienate others from you even if your views are justified.

Jupiter opposes Pluto on April 21, 2014.

Be prepared to initiate minor changes in your plans/ strategies to incorporate the views/ preferences of persons in authority who have a final say in things. It is better to have your plans approved with minor changes/ compromises than having them consigned to flames due to the egoistic approach of influential persons involved in the project.

Sun quintiles Jupiter on April 22, 2014; Mercury opposes Dragon’s Head on April 22, 2014; Mars squares Jupiter on April 23, 2014; Mars opposes Uranus on April 23, 2014; Mars squares Pluto on April 23, 2014.

Reappraise your business plans and plug the loopholes, if any. Do not hesitate to request help from influential well-wishers if the need arises; it is better to get positive results with slight assistance from others rather than try things beyond your capacity all by yourself and fall flat!

Avoid discussing sensitive topics in an off-hand manner as it might hurt sentiments of others unexpectedly, and antagonizing others is the last thing that a person must do if they wish to conserve energies for more productive channels. You must also exercise abundant caution while driving vehicles and handling electric gadgets during this period.

Venus trines Saturn on April 25, 2014; Mercury sextiles Neptune on April 26, 2014; Sun sextiles Neptune on April 27, 2014.

Let thoughts flow freely through you and be ready to chase your wildest dreams because the way to glory lies in chasing wild dreams and turning them into reality. No one ever achieved big without dreaming big! Suggestions from older/ more experienced persons will be worth their weight in gold. Use every strand of resource at your disposal – be it an idea given by someone, support extended by seemingly insignificant persons, or moral support extended by influential well-wishers – and try to get as much work done as possible during this positive phase. What you do now will have crucial positive impact on your life. Work with the flow of this period and sow the seeds for your success.

Mercury quincunxes Mars on April 29,2014; Mercury contra-parallels Saturn on April 29, 2014; Venus quintiles Pluto on April 29, 2014.

Approach things with a discerning frame of mind and accept nothing based on mere trust/ belief during this sensitive period. However, take care to mask your suspicions to avoid riling others. This is a great time to re-establish working relationship with past associates/ contacts. This is the time to turn the charm on while approaching key figures. Have the courage to scrape your financial plans and revamp your strategies completely if the necessity arises during this period.

Annular solar eclipse on April 29, 2014.

There is an annular solar eclipse between 9-23 a.m. IST and 1-45 p.m. IST which is visible in the region covering Antarctica, Australia, The South Indian Ocean and South Western Pacific Ocean. The eclipse is not visible in India. Those born in Bharani, Poorvashaada, Poorvaphalguni, Ashwini, and Krittikanakshatras and living in regions of visibility of this eclipse must perform remedial prayers to counteract the malefic influence of this eclipse.

Mercury sextiles Jupiter on April 30, 2014.

This is a great time for scheduling business meetings and presentations as you are likely to be at your logical and analytical best during this period. Consider giving final touches to important corporate documents and launching futuristic plans during this auspicious period.

Best regards

Blessed be: Pandit R DAKSHINA MOORTHI

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