A Glossary of Astrological Terms for the letter "Y"

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Masculine polarity of the Tao, opposed to and intertwined with Yin, the feminine polarity. See Polarity.


Feminine polarity of the Tao, opposed to and intertwined with Yang, the masculine polarity. See Polarity.


A powerful aspect. SeeFinger of God.


In Vedic astrology, a powerful planetary relationship (Yoga="Union"). Not to be confused with the Yoga Philosophy and related disciplines.


In Vedic astrology, the most beneficial planet in a horoscope because of its house rulership (Karaka="Indicator", or "significator"). For example Mars is yogakaraka in a Vedic chart with Pisces rising, because it rules the 9th and 2nd houses.


One of four epochs dividing a cosmic Age (kalpa) of 10,000 Divine Years. The Yugas are Satya Yuga (Golden Age of Truth), Treta Yuga (Silver Age of Righteousness), Dwapara Yuga (Bronze Age of Knowledge) and Kali Yuga (the current Age of Darkness).


Vedic astrology term for conjunction.

Youth (phase of)

The period of life from birth up to the first Saturn Return.

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