Gemstones - Potent Source of Healing and Blessings

There are over 140 different types of gemstones. These can be classified under two main categories namely those from mineral origin and those from organic origin.

Gems of Mineral Origin

Those from mineral origin are formed deep inside the earth and are combinations of different minerals and elements. There is a long list of examples falling under this category such as Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphires etc.

Gems of Organic Origin

Out of those from organic origin Corals, Ivory, Shells and Pearls are from animal sources whereas Amber and Jet are from plants.


After extraction the gems are processed to bring out their natural beauty. There are two processes namely Faceting or Polishing. Diamond, Sapphires, Ruby, Emerald etc. are cut into a number of flat surface patterns called Facets under a process called Faceting. The brilliance and lustre displayed by cut gemstones is due to the facet patterns. Opal, Turquoise and Amber etc. are only polished.

Synthetic Gems

In order to fulfil heavy demands of some natural gems synthetic or artificial imitation gems are also produced. Due to matching appearance and chemical composition it is sometimes difficult for a layman to distinguish between a natural and a synthetic gem.

Healing and Blessing Powers

Only naturally occurring gemstones are sources of concentrated mysterious energy. Not all gemstones carry positive vibrations some have negative or bad vibrations. Gemstones are a kind of radio transmitters, all the time sending out messages of good or bad.

Navrattans or Nine-Gems

In Vedic astrology there are nine gems called Navrattans (Nav means nine and Rattans means Gems) each is governed by one of the nine planets as listed in the table below:

Gemstone Lord Planet

Ruby Sun
Pearl Moon
Coral Mars
Emerald Mercury
Yellow Sapphire Jupiter
Diamond Venus
Blue Sapphire Saturn
Hessonite Rahu (North node of Moon)
Chrysoberyl (Cat’s eye) Ketu (South node of Moon)

Prescribing Gemstones for Wearing

There are different systems for prescribing gemstones for wearing on a person. One system as per Vedic astrology is based on analysis of one’s horoscope. For this a thorough analysis is needed so that only a gemstone of a favourable planet keeping in view the current dasha (planetary period) and other important factors is prescribed.

Other systems are based on Sun Signs or problems being faced by an individual.

If more than one gemstone is recommended then it is important to consider their mutual interaction. Some gemstones have conflicting vibrations hence must never be worn together.
For proper effect a gemstone should be of at least 2 Carats in weight, the bigger the better. The unit Carat is not popular in India here the unit Ratti is used, the following information will help you convert one to the other:

1 Carat= 200 mg and 1 Ratti= 120 mg

To convert Carat to Ratti multiply by 5/3, so 1 Carat= 1X 5/3=1.67 Ratti (approximately)

Therefore 2 Carats=1.67X2=3.34 Ratti so a gemstone of more weight than this will be effective.
You can convert Ratti back to Carat by multiplying by 3/5.

It is important that the recommended gemstone touches the skin of the wearer. So if it is set in a ring then it is placed in such a way that it touches the skin from below.

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