Basic principles of remedial astrology -A holistic approach to remedies


Brethen of astrological freternity have been divided into two major groups from time immemorial based on their approach to the subject:

1) Those who claim the effects of karma have been aggregated in to yogas and doshas in the chart, and so there is no escape; an astrologer should limit oneself to giving predictions based on what the chart indicates and not try to meddle with Fate by suggesting remedies.

2) Those who feel that that the karma shown in the chart can be negotiated by proper remedies – just as medicine is administered to an ailing patient as cure.

There is definitely some weight to the notion that certain karmas cannot be altered. Such karmas are called Dhruta karmas or Praarabdha karmas – the effects of which can be neutralized only by experiencing the doshas that have arisen out of those karmas.

BUT, there are many doshas in a chart that can be neutralized by intelligent application of remedial astrological principles. We are going to look into such holistic principles in our current write up.

Strengthen the yogas and neutralize the doshas

While highly successful persons may have preponderance of yogas, and those who suffer interminably may have preponderance of doshas in chart, it is very rare to find the chart of a common person which has preponderance of only good yogas or doshas.

A person is born as a human being only if there is a certain minimum quota of punya in his/ her karmic account. So, any person who is born as a human being definitely has the potential to improve his/ her lot from what is shown basically in the chart. The horoscope at the time of birth is only the balance sheet of karma at that point of time – and shows tentative results forward in life. But, dhruta karmas of great intensity that can give instant results have the potential to improve upon that. Such intense efforts to alter Script of Fate should be aligned with the general flow of energies of the chart – and the basic principle to do is, to strengthen the yogas and neutralize the doshas.

Classics clearly explain the karma behind many important yogas/ doshas. Now, sometimes, the results of these will be conflicting…….like what is denied by a dosha might be promised by another yoga in the chart. In these instances, the native must do charitable deeds that are more in line with the yoga, and do the specific remedies as indicated in karma vipaakaa or Shanti Ratnaakara or Brahma rishi Vaakyam to counter the dosha simultaneously.

Why we say “do charitable deeds that are more in line with the yoga in the chart” is that the person has already done such meritorious deeds in past incarnation and hence will find it more natural and easy to indulge in such activities due to karmic vaasanaas, and accumulation of such merit is going to augment the good luck of the individual.

Check the baadhaka planet of the chart, or attempt to transcend its influences

You might be aware of the fact that for movable signs, the 11th sign lord is the baadhaka; for fixed signs, the 9th sign lord is the baadhaka, and for dual signs, the 7th sign lord is the baadhakaa planet for the chart.
We will try to see the behavioural approach to transcend the baadhaka influences….

Check the placement of the baadhaka planet in the chart, and based on it, you can gleam valuable insights about where you need to transcend its influence consciously.

If the baadhaka planet is in the ascendant itself, one’s own self might be reason for troubles/ obstructions in life. Such people should consiously try to transcend their self-imposed restrictions/ inhibitions. They should not take their imaginary fears or anxiety seriously, and consciously try to overcome such fears by “systematic deconditioning” – where they gradually expose themselves to the anxiety-inducing conditions in graded degrees to an extent that their psyche is conditioned to face such situations without flinching at the end of such conditioning process.

If the baadhaka planet is in the 2nd house, the family of the native, financial situation, speech of the native, what the person sees, etc. could be the sources of trouble. Family situations and financial situations are like praarabdha, they are external limiting factors about which one can only do little; BUT, speech of the native, what he/ she consumes, what they see, etc. can be controlled by the native. You may wonder how “what a person sees” can be a source of trouble for self…….Exposure to scenes of violence or inappropriate content during early years has been a source of trouble for many persons in their later years – here – what they “saw” is the root of obstacles/ challenges – that require professional help to transcend those blocks….There are various other scenarios also where such influence of visual cues do obstruct a person. In such instances the trick for overcoming those obstacles could lie in “visual imagery” – seeing with the mind to overrule what one sees with the eyes – so that the task is done…..

If the baadhaka planet is in the 3rd house, younger siblings, neighbourhood situations, written communication, and even the courage of the person can be the source of blockage/ challenges in life. Younger siblings – are what one are born with – part of the Praarabhda package….so, it is better that one behaves as one ought to in one’s capacity as elder sibling and not bother about the other sibling’s appropriateness/ inappropriateness of behaviour towards self…..Neighbourhood situations – again part of Praarabdha – it is better to learn to live with things if the same influences seem to persist even on relocation to neighbourhoods; however, one may try initially to see if relocation might make a difference – and it might for some people! If repeated relocations have never allowed a person to live at peace with neighbours, one should possibly look inward to see if one’s own attitudes are the source of problem, and if it is not that, it is best not to try to run away from the shadow and learn to live with it! But, written communication/ one’s own courage being source of obstacles can be overruled by taking conscious efforts to temper the tone of one’s language, learning to keep an archive of interactions for future reference (so that others can’t shift blame on this native unnecessarily), being extra-cautious in maintaining logs of work/ mandatory official jottings/ notes, etc. One may wonder as to how one’s own courage can become the source of obstacle…..the truth is – for many people misplaced courage or adventurism do invite trouble…, for example, a youngster overspeeding under the influence of hormone rush of late teen years or early adulthood and then becoming an accident victim, or an adventure sportsperson who fails to take mandatory precautionary measures under the impression that one is not going to experience a mishap due to one’s level of expertise in the field, etc. The other extreme is where the native is bogged by imaginary fears (lack of courage – lack of the 3rd house influence!), and hence finds it difficult to do even normal tasks successfully. Such individuals need to consciously try to be “adventurist” and “reckless” in their approach at least on a mental level – so that their natural inhibitions would tone down those to a level that will be just right for carrying out normal tasks!

Like this you can visualize the sectors of life influenced by each house, and gleam insight into the sources of obstacle/ challenge that is possible in life. Then the individual has to introspect on his/ her life pattern and see which of those have manifested in life so far, and definitely it is possible to identify where one can make a difference by changing one’s reactions to life situations. This is an area where astrology joins hands with behavioural psychology, and it won’t be wrong if I say that many persons with potential behavioural disturbances have been saved a visit to the Abnormal Psychologists couch by intelligent intervention of dynamic astro-psychologists! Every good insightful astrologer is potentially a behaviour therapist!

Strengthen the ascendant, ascendant lord, 5th house lord, Fortuna cusp sub-lord

Ascendant – denotes self – the resultant Prototype of Personality that has manifested as a cumulative of karmas that need to be faced in this birth. When one’s ascendant is strengthened, it obviously gives the native the strength required to face life’s challenges. You can’t move a mountain – but you may learn how to climb it and cross over! You can’t dry up an ocean – but you can learn to build a ship to cross it! Like that, even if Praarabhdha is shown to be strong in the chart, if one’s ascendant and ascendant lord are strengthened, a person can be made strong to face the praarabdha influences without too much agony. A hard punch to the abdomen might even kill a normal person – but not a trained martial artist! In the same way, the events that might crush most normal persons can be endured – of course with agony – but without being crushed – by a mentally well-conditioned person with a strong sense of self – where the Inner Spirit refuses to be crushed by the agony of life. Strengthening the ascendant and ascendant lord can help in this.

5th house influences indicate the poorva punya of an individual and also mantra shastric potential in the chart. Strengthening the 5th house influences do help a lot in experiencing good effects in life and in watering down the impact of Fate on one’s life situations. Mantras/ punya deeds that are in line with the 5th house indications (5th house cuspal sign lord, sign lord of the sublord of the 5th cusp, etc.) are wise karmic investments for an individual – afterall, if you really care for a person you should not just guide him/ her for “this life” – but a holistic spiritual astrologer will worry more about the karmic progression of the native – in such a way that the current life situations are taken care of – all the while focusing only on activities that can guarantee a better incarnation subsequently also! It may seem outlandish to an uninitiated person in the public – but knowingly or unknowingly most of us astrologers do act as agents of Fate by directing the individual’s activities along good karmic possibilities – perhaps some of us don’t even realize that we are doing it!

Fortuna is the sum total of good merit that manifests as good luck influences in the life of an individual. Every soul that has incarnated as a human being has definitely accumulated enough punya to have genesis in this form. Fortuna shows the area of life where those good luck influences can manifest in one’s life. Thus, if one indulges in activities that are in sync with the influences signified by Fortuna of the chart, the person can enjoy reasonable success in that line – even if other sectors of life are filled with agony……this could be a candle that drives away the engulfing darkness…..and the anchor of mental peace in an otherwise highly disturbed life pattern.

Thus if we strengthen the ascendant influences (by proper activities/ remedies in sync with significations of ascendant sign lord, ascendant sub lord, and the sign in which the star lord of the ascendant cusp sub lord is placed), or the Fortuna influences suitably we can definitely bring in manifestation of events that could water down the agony that is indicated otherwise in a chart.


Fate is not static – but a factor that is subject to dynamics of one’s constant activities – mental, physical, and psychical. The agony potentially indicated by Fate may be unalterable in its scope – but that is only along a particular sector of life…..Just because a chart indicates potential troubles does not mean that the native will only suffer. An intelligent astrologer should see the areas of life where Fatalistic influences are not blocking the individual, and then direct the individual’s energies along those channels so that the native can be at least reasonably successful, and can enjoy rays of hope in an otherwise dreary existence that one has been possibly doomed due to one’s karmas.

If Fate denotes possible troubles, first check if those troubles can be transcended, altered, or neutralized based on principles discussed above…..If the influences seem to be Praarabdha ones that have to be endured, then focus the remedies towards strengthening the ascendant and Fortuna influences so that even as the native suffers from Praarabdha, there are other good events in life that help to water-down the agony of the native’s existence.

There is a saying “Even the horoscopes of Devas will have some blemishes, and even the best of muhurthas might have some blemishes; it is not possible to have a chart without doshas or a muhurtha without negative indications…”. This is a famous quote from Muhurtha astrology where they end that slokha with “so, the astrologer should select a time in such a way that there are less doshas and more gunas.” I would alter the above saying slightly and say….
“Even the horoscope of persons with the most wretched of existences will have some positive yogas; so the astrologer should learn to focus on the positives and direct the energies and efforts of the individuals towards actions that will bring them less agony on a relative scale within the scope of the chart, and bring them more chances of success – even more than what is possibly indicated in the chart if the native had just taken the line of least resistence in life.”

Such holistic approach to remedial astrology and astrological counselling will make the astrologer – a “Real Daivagnya” – “The Agent of Divine Will.” Afterall, Divine Will is that every soul should finally attain Wisdom and Salvation – which is why every soul is made to endure transmigration of soul through innumerable bodies in various forms across various incarnations till the soul finally merges into the Divine.

Article by Pandit R. DAKSHINA MOORTHI

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