Whether Astrology is true or not?

Whether Astrology is true or not? This question generally strikes in minds of modern educated people. Why does this doubt come in their mind about our divine knowledge of astrology? This is because of the predictions made about them gone wrong and they started thinking Astrology is not true. But they never try to find out the actual reason behind this. What can be the actual reason? Why astrological predictions go wrong? Once the astrological predictions go wrong straight way blame is put on astrology. Many time weather predictions by metrological department fail but nobody says that metrological science is not true. Many time treatments of patients by specialist doctors fail but nobody says that medicine science is not true. Why this step behavior is with astrology only? Have you ever thought? I think, you never thought. You might have not tried to find the actual reason behind it.

The actual reasons behind the wrong astrological predictions are as follows;

1. Not having the correct data like correct date of birth, correct time of birth and place of birth.
2. Astrologer not having sufficient knowledge of astrology.
3. Astrology is not recognized by Government. This is also a big reason to say astrology a superstitious.
4. Flood of the unqualified astrologer on channels and internet.
5. Not applying research attitude to the old principles of astrology.
6. Using the old methods of calculation.
7. Using substandard astrological software for calculation.
8. Believing in software generated prediction which can never be true.
9. Predicting without proper analysis of horoscope in hurry.
10. Ego of astrologer.

These are the actual reasons for wrong astrological predictions. If prediction is gone wrong it does not mean that astrology is superstitious. There so many patients die of best treatment but nobody say that medicine science is superstitious. Hence this is my concerns that please do not believe in the story of people. Learn the astrology and apply its principles. Do not approach to unqualified astrologers. Have faith in the divine science of astrology. All astrologers should share their experiences with each other. If we follow these principles then that day will not be far away when Indian Astrology will explore with full colors.

Article by Acharya Ram Hari Sharma

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