Accuracy of Predictive Astrology

Accuracy of Predictive Astrology
People want to know exactly what will happen. “When will I get married?”, “When will I meet the person whom I love?”, “When will I go abroad?”, “Will I get a government Job?” etc. etc. are the mostly asked questions.….

There is no doubt that the Vedic or Hindu astrology has more depth and precision as compared to the western or other predictive systems. But the question is whether there is a system of predictions which has infallible accuracy?

One of my friends asked this question years ago to many astrologers worldwide, but did not get a satisfactory answer. I gave it thought and researched years ago and concluded as follows.

Accuracy of Predictive astrology …

Before such a question comes to anyone’s mind he or she must realise certain facts about life on this planet we call the Earth. Years of in depth study of many scriptures and rare knowledge imparted by God sent incarnations called Avatars from time to time, some facts governing life on earth have been revealed to me as follows:

A person passing through adverse period of life and facing suffering and sorrow may curse God and think that life has no purpose at all. On the other hand a person enjoying abundant riches and comforts may conclude that the real life is only this and those suffering are only getting back the results of their bad Karma.

The fact is that both the above views are incorrect. Life has a purpose and plan rarely understood by un-evolved humans.

Our bodies are only puppets of the real entity which is in a higher dimension and controls this body. Each person comes here with a goal of going through certain experiences in order to evolve. The result of all experiences is passed on to the real or over self which helps it evolve ever higher. Death and rebirth are like discarding the worn out garment and wearing a new one.

Life on Earth is planned in the Astral …

Before incarnating on earth life is planned in a sense that the general conditions during a life time are broadly selected and act as a broad canvas. The entity controlling the physical body gives the later certain degree of freedom of choice or free will to act under all situations. The previous Karmic bonds aids or diminishes the free will level of each person.

So as the results of human efforts are not pre-planned even the entity controlling the body does not know about the exact results of each effort of a human.

Role of the Birth Chart …

A person takes birth at an exact moment in order to set the invisible canvas of his or her life, as per the planetary map of the skies at that time, so that certain conditions are provided for that life to achieve the desired goals.

Importance of the Birth Data …

Very first requirement of predicting to a certain degree of accuracy is the making of an accurate Birth Chart of a person. The accuracy of a birth chart is undoubtedly dependent upon the correct birth data viz. the time, place and date of birth.

Birth time accuracy is the crucial ingredient and it is only recently that attention is given to noting the accurate birth time at many places. If you were born before eighties then you can rarely be certain about the accuracy of your birth time. I have come across many who even don’t know whether they were born at a certain time in the morning or in the evening.

In cases even a difference of few minutes can cause much change in the horoscope.

Can the Birth Time be corrected? …

Even many renowned astrologers claim to be able to correct the doubtful birth time of a native. When I hear such claims I can’t stop laughing at the ignorance of these astrologers.

Birth is a natural event so how can anyone mathematically correct it? Do not get fooled by such illogical claims.

Is it Possible to Make 100% Accurate Predictions …?

Yes it is possible but not by any method of astrology only. Only a spiritually gifted person who may also be an astrologer or just an ordinary person can intuitively predict any event in the life of a person with full precision. This is done by consciously or subconsciously tapping the astral source of all events.

Due to difference of dimension and time continuum all physical events can be reassessed to much accuracy in the astral.

But mind you these days of material lust such gifted people are rarer than you may think.

So if any prediction comes true accurately then it is due to any of the following:

The over-self of the person wanted to warn the person concerned about an event so the astrologer was intuitively guided to reveal the truth.

The astrologer or the predicting person is spiritually gifted

It happened by just coincidence or chance because any statement has 50% chance of coming true.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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