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Role of 3rd House in Business Success

There is tremendous difference in being engaged in service and running own business. A person fit for doing service may fail in running own business and vice versa. Generally it is believed that the 6th house of a chart represents service and the 7th house business.

But this simple approach is not sufficient for a proper analysis. The 10th house being the ‘KaramSthan’ or house of action relates to one’s profession in general. Now what is meant by Profession, it means one’s occupation, living, vocation, career or work in general and does not in any way separate ‘Business’ from ‘Service’. So the 10th house of a birth chart is foremost in any analysis concerning one’s profession or career whether business or service.

A business pursuit is for material gain hence it is connected with the Earth element. The houses 2nd, 6th and 10th belong to the earth element trinity. So without proper analysis of these three houses the topic of business cannot be judged fairly.

Degree of Success in Business …

Launching a new business venture is easy but running it profitably is not that easy. Many ventures end up in loss. There could be different reasons for unsuccessful businesses, but in most cases lack of one or more out of initiative, resourcefulness, communicative skills, creative ideas and courage seem to be the reason. All these traits play a significant role in one’s business acumen and chances of success and these are indicated by the 3rd house of a birth chart, so overlooking this house while analysing a chart for business pursuits may result in unrealistic guidance.

For proper analysis of the 3rd house you need to look at the following factors:

1. Significators of the 3rd House
2. Nature of the Lord of the 3rd House
3. The Sign in which 3rd Lord is placed
4. The House in which 3rd Lord is placed
5.Aspects on the 3rd lord and house
6. Planets posited in the 3rd House

Results of Planets placed in the 3rd House …

General results of various planets when placed in the 3rd house of a birth chart are given in the table below. The planet gives the positive or favourable results when in good strength and under positive influences whereas the negative results appear when it is weak in strength and under negative influences:

Planet posited in the 3rd House

Positive Results

Negative Results


Gives courage, resourcefulness,
active nature, Rise in life due to own efforts, Good relations with authorities

Lack of flexibility, Bossy and adamant nature, Tense relations with authorities.


Business related travelling, Peaceful relations, Clarity of mind

Unnecessary travelling, Cluttered and wavering mind, Lack of peace, timid actions


Courage, initiative, Bold attitude, Resourceful nature, Good relations with authorities

Impulsive nature, Enmity, Quarrelsome nature,


Sharp, tactful and diplomatic mind, Success in trading and speculative business

Nervousness, selfish attitude


Takes things philosophically, positive attitude, Ready to share knowledge with others,

Inability to take advantage of opportunities, difficulty in keeping secrets related to business


Analytical and refined approach to things, Thinks of benefiting others also, Good for his or her siblings

Lack of prosperity, poor health,


Bold, Courageous, able to get respect from others,

Success only after facing disappointments and struggles in initial stages, Anxiety and unfruitful travelling and struggles.


Ability to face situations courageously, (But this position causes lack of satisfaction in general)

May have to face criticism by others due to peculiar way of thinking, Lack of satisfaction and courage and confrontation with sudden or unexpected situations


Adventurous attitude and fame

Unconventional ideas, disturbed mind

Article by:Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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