Major Astrology Events in January 2012

Sun quintiles Saturn on January 1, 2012; Mercury squares Mars at January 1, 2012

Be diplomatic in your interactions with influential figures during this period as they may be moving with mixed motives. Ensure that your business plans are compliant with the regulations in force to avoid unnecessary issues with enforcement authorities. Conservative approach to issues will give better results than impulsive moves during this period.

Venus quintiles Jupiter on January 5, 2012; Sun semi-squares Neptune on January 12, 2012.

Look for the facts in hand rather than the images in your mind. The shadows are sometimes more fightening than the actual reality! This is a perfect time for chalking out long-term financial strategies.

Venus quincunxes Mars on January 7, 2012; Mercury sextiles Saturn on January 7, 2012; Mercury sextiles Neptune on January 7, 2012; Mercury trines Jupiter on January 8, 2012

Those engaged in creative endeavours will have no dearth of original ideas during this period. This is also a good period for taking crucial long-term financial and relationship decisions. Just ensure that short-tempered behaviour or irritability do not spoil the party! Your plans during this period should incorporate the best of traditions and innovations. This is a perfect period for launching new publicity campaigns and innovative schemes in business.

Mercury squares Uranus on January 9, 2012; Venus quintiles Dragon’s Head on January 9, 2012; Sun quintiles Uranus on January 10, 2012.

Do not be taken in by the novelty of schemes immediately; take independent and objective feasibility studies before committing yourself to any new course of action during this period. However, do not hesitate to take a few calculated risks in the course of your business activities. This is the time to make the direct approach and rise above your self-imposed restrictions in all matters. This is an excellent period for tabling dynamic plans before influential figures for final approval.

Sun trines Mars on January 13, 2012; Venus trines Saturn on January 13, 2012; Mercury conjuncts Pluto on January 13, 2012; Venus conjuncts Neptune on January 13, 2012.

This is a perfect time for meeting influential figures and chalking out long-term strategies. Do not beat about the bush when you make representations to authority figures; keep your presentations restricted to the facts and raise direct requests to make the right impact. A good player always bides his time…remember this, and wait for the right time to implement your ideas. Do not rush people into taking decisions now – because they may tend to decide against you under pressure; leaving them at peace after explaining your position is the best way to win people during this period. Inspired guesses during this period can show the way forward in critical situations.

Venus sextiles Jupiter on January 15, 2012; Mercury quintiles Saturn on January 15, 2012

Both financial and romantic stars shine brightly under this optimistic aspect. Be conservative in your approach to matters as those in authority positions may not approve of dynamic plans that contain an element of risk. This is an excellent time to introduce your heart-flame to your family members if tying the marital knot is in your mind. Do not hesitate to switch back to strategies that you had discarded earlier – if those suit the current situations again.

Sun squares Saturn on January 20, 2012; Venus sextiles Pluto on January 21, 2012; Mercury quintiles Uranus on January 21, 2012.

Ensure that your plans are compliant with the regulations in force to avoid unnecessary hassles during their implementation. Avoid crossing swords with influential persons even if you feel genuinely aggrieved. It is better to get the wheels moving than trying to win brownie points that are practically useless in life. Influential persons will respond well to calculated doses of flattery and deployment of charms during this period. So, the path ahead lies in conciliation and rapport, rather than confrontation and retort.

Sun sextiles Uranus on January 22, 2012; Sun squares Jupiter on January 22, 2012

You may need to take snap decisions to capitalize on certain sudden developments in business matters. Undue hesitation may lead to missed opportunities today. However, attempt to consolidate yourself in your current position before trying to diversify your activities. Legal matters should be handled with abundant care. Important matters are best handled personally rather than by deputing them to others.

Mercury trines Mars on January 23, 2012; Venus squares Dragon’s Head on January 24, 2012; Mercury semi-squares Dragon’s Head on January 25, 2012.

This is an excellent time for undertaking feasibility studies, quality assurance work, and for discussing long-term business strategies with trusted associates. Indulging in divergent thinking process will help in resolving vexatious issues. Relationships that have been tottery for some time in the recent past might finally come apart under the planetary aspects of this period. Be responsible in your romantic and financial choices – as wrong decisions taken now will come to haunt you later. Ensure that you are armed with the facts and figures pertaining to current business activities before scheduling major presentations/ appraisals during this period.

Mercury squares Saturn on January 27, 2012; Mercury squares Jupiter on January 29, 2012; Mercury sextiles Uranus on January 28, 2012

If new strategies fail to click, be more willing to fall back on tried and tested routines. Do not delegate important business/ legal negotiations to subordinates. Certain things are best done under your direct supervision during this period. Even if cases are poised in your favour, avoid a lax attitude, and ensure that the matter is pursued aggressively to get the best possible outcomes. Read the fine print before inking your consent for major projects – as novelty of the ideas might hide some less positive aspects.

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