Major Astrology Events in September 2013

Major Astrology Events in September 2013
Mercury parallels Venus on September 1, 2013; Venus sesquiquadrates Neptune on September 1, 2013.

Try breaking-out unpopular truths in a diplomatic manner during this period. Be realistic in your romantic and financial plans, and be willing to look at matters from the perspective of others to appease them. This is an excellent time for devising long-term political and corporate strategies. Your success during this period will depend on your ability to muster alternate sources to fund your projects if the ones who have promised you support back off unexpectedly. This is a good time for shaking-down your portfolio and remodeling it in tune with current needs.

Sun sextiles Dragon’s Head on September 2, 2013; Sun contra-parallels Venus on September 2, 2013.

Influential persons will be open to giving a try-out for dynamic ideas – but do not try to push in any project that does not comply with the rules and regulations in force. Try joining hands with like-minded others and present joint-appeals/ petitions to resolve matters of common interest as this will be more effective in resolving your concerns.

Mars quincunxes Neptune on September 3, 2013; Sun quincunxes Uranus on September 4, 2013.

Do not be taken in by attractive appearances – because flashy exteriors can hide unsavoury truths which will come out if you dig deeper. While you must act fast to capitalize on sudden developments, it is not advisable to jump in on the first chance that you get in everything; patience and perseverance are the keys to success today. Stick to the rule-book in all your dealings; attempting to cut corners can prove counter-productive as it may lead to unnecessary rub-in with enforcement authorities.

Pluto sextiles Dragon’s Head on September 6, 2013; Sun sextiles Jupiter on September 7, 2013; Mercury quintiles Jupiter on September 7, 2013.

Influential persons will appreciate innovativeness and dynamism during this period. Lateral thinking processes will help you to maximize gains in all fields of activity. Try to blend your moves with others moving along the same direction or towards the same goals, and try joining hands with like-minded others in an effort to accomplish common goals. This is an ideal time for devising major corporate strategies and to give final touches to corporate deeds/ agreements in close consultation with your legal advisors.

Mars squares Pluto on September 9, 2013.

Try reacting to situations in a cool manner even if others try to provoke you into angry reactions; your patience and composed behavior in the face of trying circumstances will impress those in authority position and set you up for future eminence. If you lose your cool, you will lose the script!

Mars squares Dragon’s Head on September 11, 2013; Venus parallels Saturn on September 11, 2013; Mars quincunxes Pluto on September 11, 2013; Mercury quincunxes Neptune on September 11, 2013.

Stick to tried and tested methods while trying to get things done. Avoid unnecessary impulsiveness, haste, or obsession to explore untested methods as these will be counter-productive today. Avoid crossing swords with influential figures even if you feel genuinely aggrieved today. Wait for the right time to express your grievances in the right forums. Be logical and thorough in your approach to business matters avoiding sentimentality and emotional decisions.

Sun parallels Uranus on September 13, 2013

While it is good to come up with innovative plans, it is imperative that you must ensure that those are compliant with the regulations in force. It will be best to discuss your plans with knowledgeable and experienced advisors to ensure that they won’t come up against road blocks during the implementation stage.

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Mercury squares Pluto on September 15, 2013; Mars trines Uranus on September 15, 2013; Mercury contra-parallels Uranus on September 15, 2013.

You may have to alter your plans to accommodate the views/ preferences of influential persons. It is best to effect minor changes in your original plans rather than risk complete rejection of your projects. This is an excellent day for devising strategies to outwit rivals and for trying to lure members of the opposition camp to your own side by enticements.

Mercury sextiles Mars on September 17, 2013

Your powers of analysis will be excellent now, and you will have an excellent head for facts and figures. This is an excellent time for scheduling performance audit, quality assurance procedures, and for research-oriented activities. Your luck can be great if you avoid the tendency to be overly critical of others during this day.

Venus sextiles Pluto on September 19, 2013; Venus conjuncts Saturn on September 20, 2013; Mercury squares Pluto on September 20, 2013.

The contacts that loved ones have established in the past may come handy during this period. This is a good time for realigning your portfolio in tune with current needs/ aspirations. Be conservative and cautious in your financial plans today. When in doubt, always fall back on tried and tested routines.

Mercury sesquiquadrates Neptune on September 21, 2013; Saturn sextiles Pluto on September 21, 2013; Sun quintiles Jupiter on September 22, 2013.

Be ready with alternative strategies if your original plans backfire today. Influential persons will be in a conservative frame of mind and so it is best to stick to conventional procedures/ protocols while approaching them for favours.

Mercury parallels Neptune on September 26, 2013; Venus trines Jupiter on September 27, 2013.

Think creatively, dream expansively, but act systematically along established methods to get the best results during this period. Try expressing your views diplomatically and non-abrasively even if justice is on your side; such a pacific and cool approach will help you to win the hearts of even your rivals during this period.

Mercury parallels Saturn on September 28, 2013; Jupiter sesquiquadrates Neptune on September 29, 2013.

If conventional strategies have not yielded the desired results, you must try alternatives – even unconventional ones – just to see if they will work. Your strategies during this period should have the best elements of both tradition and innovation – mixing them in right proportion as is suitable for the current trends around you. Have the courage to follow your hunches – no matter how unrealistic they seem to be – while resolving vexatious issues.

Blessed be: Pandit R. DAKSHINAMOORTHI.
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