Major Astrology Events in December 2011

Venus conjuncts Pluto on December 1, 2011; Sun parallels Mercury on December 2, 2011; Venus quintiles Saturn on December 3, 2011

Contacts that loved ones had established in the past may prove handy for you in getting vital breakthroughs.This is an auspicious time for scheduling business meetings/ negotiations. A conservative approach to financial planning/ arrangements will prove auspicious for you. If reunion with an estranged sweet-heart has been in your mind for sometime in the recent past, this could be an ideal time to make the first moves in that regard.

Sun conjuncts Mercury on December 4, 2011; Mercury squares Mars on December 5, 2011; Venus trines Mars on December 5, 2011

Irresponsible display of arrogance or bad-temper can escalate things seriously while being patient can help you to take crucial long-term decisions seamlessly. Try to rein in your impulses and react with patience even under situations that could be emotionally provoking for you. You need to avoid extreme posturing and to have a balanced attitude towards all situations. Romantic luck seems good now and sudden developments are likely in romance providing delightful moments for those in love.

Venus semi-squares Neptune on December 7, 2011; Sun sesquiquadrates Jupiter on December 8, 2011

Avoid taking hasty decisions in romantic decisions; single natives and those staying away from spouses need to be responsible in their romantic choices now to avoid later complications. Your sentimental preferences and practical necessities might be at loggerheads with each other; don’t let your heart overrule your head while taking important decisions now. You may have to try out alternative approaches to handle legal issues. Be open to the prospect of compromising on your stance to a slight extent in an attempt to bring vexatious issues to conclusion.

Sun quintiles Venus on December 9, 2011

Influential persons can be won over to your side by calculated deployment of flattery and charms. Appeal to the vanity of your listeners while presenting projects to them during this day. This is a perfect day for initiating major business projects pertaining to export- activity, pharma, entertainment, shipping, and communication sectors.

Uranus turns direct on December 10, 2011

There could be significant breakthroughs in cytology, atomic research, or space exploration during this period and in the coming few months in the near future.

Total lunar eclipse on December 10, 2011 (between 6-15 p.m. and 9-48 p.m. IST)

The eclipse will be visible in the region covering Africa, Europe, The Middle East, Asia, Australia, North America, Greenland, and Indian, Pacific, and Arctic Ocean. The eclipse is visible throughout India. Those born in the regions of visibility of the eclipse, and born in the stars Kritthika, Rohini, Hasta, Sravana, and Mrigasira must perform remedial prayers to overcome the malefic influence of the eclipse afflicting their natal Moons.

Mercury semi-squares Venus on December 12, 2011; Mars squares Dragon’s Head on December 13, 2011

You need to be very logical in your approach to financial and business matters during this day. Do not let others to provoke you into angry or impulsive decisions, as you are only going to damage yourself with angry reactions. Exercise abundant caution behind the wheel if you happen to be driving vehicles during this period, and also avoid self-medication of any kind during this sensitive period as the risk of medical poisoning is higher during this period than at other times.

Mercury turns direct on December 14, 2011; Sun parallels Venus on December 15, 2011

Projects that were held up inexplicably in the recent past may gather steam in the coming weeks. This is an excellent time to devise your long-term business strategies and for taking crucial long-term academic decisions. Loved ones might have pertinent views to offer regarding current matters – give a patient ear to their views as this could prove beneficial to you.

Venus squares Saturn on December 18, 2011; Sun sextiles Saturn on Decembr 19, 2011

Continuing to give preferential treatment to friends in business matters can ultimately prove to be your nemesis. You should also be more realistic in your approach to financial matters during this period. Your prospects during this period can be great as long as you don’t attempt to cut corners or bend the rules while attempting to reach your goals.

Sun sextiles Neptune on December 21, 2011; Jupiter squares Venus on December 21, 2011; Venus sextiles Uranus on December 21,2011

This is just the right period for tabling your dynamic plans for approval from influential figures. Your success during this period can be in proportion to the innovativeness of your plans, and the enthusiasm with which you carry out your activities. However, you need to be extracareful while handling legal/ financial negotiations. Romance during this day can have a magical quality to it due to the aspects formed later in the day.

Sun trines Jupiter on December 22, 2011; Sun squares Uranus on December 23, 2011; Mars squares Dragnons’ Head on December 24, 2011; Mercury squares Mars on December 24, 2011

Avoid rushing into projects before getting the necessary approvals in that regard. Play it by the rules when it comes to dealing with authority figures or government agencies. You should avoid rushing about projects in haste – because flashy exteriors might hide ugly realities. Take your time to analyze a situation from all possible angles before deciding finally on any matter. This is the right time for undertaking feasibility studies, performance appraisals, quality-assurance work, and giving final touches to legal documents.

Mars sesquiquadrates Pluto on December 25, 2011; Mars quincunxes Uranus on December 25, 2011; Jupiter turns direct on December 26, 2011; Mercury semi-squares Saturn on December 26, 2011

If conventional strategies have not yielded the desired results, you must look for alternatives during this period. This is the right time for trying out speed-drills or power-enhancement exercises to improve the explosiveness of competitive atheletes. Avoid impulsive moves and rash speech as these could undo all the good work you have done in the past. It will take just a few seconds to blurt out something in anger – but it may not be possible to undo the damage of that few minutes’ indiscretion even if you take remedial efforts all your life later! This is the time when you must adhere to rules and regulations pertaining to your business activities scrupulously; attempting to cut corners in haste might lead to unnecessary issues.

Mercury sesquiquadrates Jupiter on December 28, 2011; Mercury quintiles Neptune on December 29, 2011; Sun trines Jupiter on December 29, 2011

Consider giving finishing touches to corporate/ legal documents. Analyze negotiations with an open mind and be more willing to change your approach if that is required to win the support of crucial persons involved in your projects. You can win influential persons over to your side by careful deployment of charms and calculated doses of flattery.

Article by Pandit R. DAKSHINA MOORTHI

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