There has always been a curiosity on the subject rebirth and life after death. In Brahadarnyakopnishad, Maharishi Yagyavalkaya throws light on this subject in this way- After death, various parts of body are absorbed by nature like - eyes in Sun, speech in fire, mind in Moon, ears in directions, body in clay, soul in sky, hair in plants, and blood and semen in Water. The query was further asked, if the entire body is submerged into nature – what is left then? Maharishi took the querent in a lonely place and answered his question. Where human goes after death, this depends on the karmas of each person. Lord Krishana said to Arjuna in 27 sholoka of second chapter of Shri Bhad BhagvatGita.

Jatsaya Hi Dhruvo Mrituh Dhruvam Janam Mritasya cha tasmad Pariharyethe Na Twam Shokhitumhasi.

Lord Krishna addressed Arjuna one who is born, dies this is certain. And one, who dies, takes birth again this is also certain. So you must not feel sad on this unavoidable situation.

In fact, this shloka is sufficient in itself to confirm the theory of rebirth. Later on other scriptures also reconfirmed the theory of rebirth. In 10-16-3 shloka of Rigveda and reference described in 1, 5, 3,4,10 numbers of Shatpath Brahmin, rebirth has been termed as natural process.

Disciplined and controlled life,diet and behavior is necessary to make our body healthy and powerful while we are alive. To lead a complete life one should be organized and follow the moral values in life.

A human, has to transit in 84 lakhs yonis before entering into human life. Our Shastra have the description of all the yonis. This transition of human in different yonis is an unbreakable series which constantly keeps on going.

One gets the birth as per his/her karmas in the previous birth. The determination of yoni is based on karmas. Generally, human attains his very first yoni once again. This is also possible that human may take birth as human in the next birth also. The one and most important reason behind this is karma theory only. The memories of previous birth is different issue altogether. Only few of humans remember their previous birth. This is also only in initial years of life that various thoughts of previous birth take root in Sub conscious mind. The Para psychological department of Jaipur University has been doing an extensive research work on this subject.

Many instances of recalling the previous birth incidents came into notice in India and other countries as well. A child remembers many incidents from his previous birth which after investigation has been proved true. The most surprising and overwhelming incidents look place with the famous company named ‘Sukh Sancharak’ and its owner Sharma brothers. One of their brothers was shot dead and took birth again in Delhi. That child remembered all incidents of his previous birth. He recognized all his relative, incidents and places of the previous birth and explained in length everything happened to him which was known to the dead person only. Many more such incidents keep coming into notice which proves the rebirth.

Vrihdaranyakopnishad and Kathopnishad describe The next birth of mortal body is not only decided on the basis of introspection, life experiences and thoughts but the mortal body has to undergo many experiences to attain its next birth. If one is not able to unite the facts of the past in that case, some part of his life is remained left over; it is this part which provides opportunities for eternal life and awakening of knowledge. Just as lies and immoral deeds result in formless existence, in the same way truth is always considered a good cause for blissful life.

InUpnishadas,there is a detailed description about the births of human and about how human takes birth. Like an insect starts its journey from one end of grass and reach the other end slowly-slowly and once again it finds out the other support to proceed on its journey, in the same way the living being finds out the shelter once again after he complete one life. A Goldsmith gives shape to a piece of Gold by his own choice; he can make anything out of it. Same way this life keeps on going and takes different yonis as per the wishes of the creator. Soul searches its future body before it leaves the previous one. Soul is creative in this way, because it creates a body. The soul attains the body based on its knowledge and karmas of previous birth. Brihadranyakopnishad says, all body organs are with the soul of previous birth in unconscious mind and is combined with knowledge& science. The results of education and good behavior are incorporated into soul. Ishavasyopnishad says an uneducated and unknowledgeable person attains the place in the loka of demons after death which is without Sun that is the reason it is dark.

After death, the soul finds two paths one which is ‘lighted and Divine’ and the other is ‘dark and is called Pitrimarg . Those who lead a life of truth and are devote, they find the place into lighted one. They don’t come again in human life. These are virtuous and benevolent person who work for the welfare of mankind. They reside on this earth till they don’t get emancipation. After death their soul finds the place by itself as per its merit and takes birth again.

As far as human does not achieve the righteous knowledge, he cannot attain the place in the feet of God and has to take birth again. Good deeds help to lead towards constant development and growth. He achieves the goals of life and truth and by achieving truth he gets liberation. So, good pious deeds and truth can only liberate one from many births or make free from the cycle of reincarnation.

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