Find Your Guardian Angel Through Astrology


There is a saying in Sanskrit “ Ekam Sat – Vidwaan Bahutaa vadantii” meaning that “Truth is One (God is One) – Learned Ones of Yore have explained it in different forms!” Though it is true that Almighty is One, it is also equally true that meditating or praying to the Formless, Blemishless Paramaatmaa is not within the mental maturity level of most common persons. The concept of a Personal God (Called Ishta Devataa) helps persons to relate better to Divine. Mantra shastraic works clearly explain that one may meditate or pray to God with different attitudes:

1) The attitude of a servant (where God is assumed to be the master). This attitude is best suited for those with a humble and simple disposition, and who wish to attain salvation by the vehicle of Service. These individuals are humble and believe service to human beings is service to Almighty. They think God is the master of everyone and by serving other humans, we are doing God’s work in our capacity as His Servants.

2) The attitude of a friend (assuming God as one’s closest friend/ ally): Shri Arjuna – the mighty Pandava warrior of Mahabhaarataa is a typical example. For him Shri Krishna was more a friend than anything else.

3) The attitude of a son/ daughter (God is the Father/ Mother). Shri Raamakrishna Paramahamsa was a typical example. For the great yogi, Goddess Kaali was his Mother and ultimately Everything.

4) The attitude of a Lover (God is visualized as spouse/ life-partner). Bhakta Meeraa Bhai, Aandaal, etc. were such devotees. There are some staunch vaishnavite saints of Tamil Nadu who – in spite of being Men by birth have assumed the attitude of “Divine Love” with the assumption that “there is no male except God…..all other souls are Feminine!” Works of such savants abound in Bhakti literature of all Indian languages.

A person who meditates on Nirguna Brahmam (Ultimate Divinity without Form/ attributes) does not have any of the above 4 attitudes….Many Great Yogis have followed such Nirguna routes to Divinity.

What is Phalana Devataa?

All these concepts discussed above are alright for selfless persons of bhakti cult or for great yogis….what about mundane individuals who need to seek favours from Divine Forms? Don’t they need a particular Form that best addresses their needs? Here in comes the concept of “Phalana Devataa” (The Divine Form that gives manifest good results to a native). Phalana Devataa is the Form of Divinity that best relates to a human being’s inner psyche and thus gives fast results for mundane activities. We can say that these Phalana Devataas are the guardian angels of a person. Astrology does give valuable clues to find out which of the various Forms of Divine can give best results to a native. Based on these clues if a person does worship to that Deity Form, manifest results can be obtained. This will strengthen the belief system of a person towards occult matters, and when all material desires get fulfilled by the help of that Deity Form, the person may progress to Higher Forms of Meditation and Philosophy which will pave the way for Ultimate Salvation (Mukhti).

Clues In The Horoscope Regarding The Guardian Angel Or Preferred Divine Form

The 5th house in a horoscope is called “Mantra sthaanaa” – the house that gives clues about the mantras that a person can chant to get good results. It is also called “Poorvapunya sthaanaa” – the house that gives clues about the residual Merits of previous lives. The deity signified by the 5th house sign/ 5th house lord might have been already worshipped by this native in previous incarnations, or it might turn out to be the “Kula Devataa” – The Family Deity of the native. The 2nd house denotes speech, singing, etc. In addition, it also signifies “chants”, “mantra recitals”. If 5th house lord is in the 2nd house, the person concerned might benefit by chanting the mantras signified by the 5th lord. If the 5th lord is in the 6th house, the path of Service to Humanity will lead to salvation. If the 5th lord is in the 9th house, the person will have the good luck to get initiated into Higher Spiritual Traditions by competent Masters of the subject.

Apart from the 5th house of the Rashi chart, the sub-divisional chart Vimsamsa (D20) – which is the 20th harmonic chart of the horoscope is to be studied regarding the analysis of Deities.

Another important factor in finding the guardian angel suitable for a person is the planet in the 12th house from the Kaarakaamsa. Kaarakaamsa is the sign occupied by the Aatmakaaraka in the navamsa chart. (Aatmakaaraka is the planet that has got the highest longitude among all planets in the horoscope, i.e. the planet that has traversed the highest degrees in the sign it occupies; for instance if say Sun is in 29 degrees of Scorpio, and Moon is in 29 deg. 23 minutes of Scorpio, Mars is in 28 degrees of Aries, etc….., we would say Moon is the Aatmakaaraka – as it has more degrees than the other planets. For more clarity, read Jaimini Sutras if you are a serious astrological student wishing to learn this).

Divine Forms Signified By Different Planets As Signfiicators

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Find Your Guardian Angel Through Astrology - Part 2

Article by Pandit R Dakshinamoorthi

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