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Pisces Tarot Monthly Horoscope For October 2013

Romance and Relationship

Wheel of Fortune

Events in your emotional life may seem confusing this month, or even downright disturbing, but do have faith that the hand of destiny is guiding these events and this always means that you are being given an opportunity to grow and to advance your relational happiness. With the loving help of a partner, or even just an excellent friend, you will be led toward greater happiness.


Nine of Swords

Well, your career is giving you a bit of grief too this month. Your best efforts are hampered by deceit behind the scenes, and this is likely to take quite a toll. As the month progresses you will overcome these difficulties, but only an extreme change of position will bring you back to peace and joy in your work life,


King of Swords

Taking into account the events in your career sector, your finances will need to be scrupulously managed and your incisive business mind will do exactly that. Soon new and better worlds of financial opportunity will open up for you. It's likely that there will be up to three differing avenues of endeavour and earning for you in the near future.

Focus of Soul or Being

The World

Those new worlds of opportunity we spoke of in the above sector of finance loom large in your focus in October. As long as you remain realistic where matters material are concerned and don't fall into the negativity of seeing your glass half empty rather than half full, you'll overcome the nervousness that can accompany change in progress.

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