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Pisces Tarot Monthly Horoscope For February 2014

Romance and Relationship


This card is also known as the Alchemist. As if turning lead into gold, we find your emotional life enhanced by a greater level of mutual compassion and understanding between you and one you love. Harmony settles within your closest relationships. As you attain a better balance between work and personal life, love flourishes and your instinctive creativity is re-energised.


Nine of Cups

Time is drawing close to the granting of a wish you hold dear to you heart. As this is pertinent to your career, what is it you most truly wish for? With the granting of this wish comes greater emolument for work done, or even money from a bequest or win is to come your way. Whatever your individual circumstance, you can expect a fine harvest on many levels.



Justice can be of a more spiritual nature than just the legal structures formed by mankind. That which is truly yours both by destiny and manmade justice is to come to you this month. With a little effort on your part, any money owed you, which is outstanding will be quite easily dealt with and the win will be undoubtedly yours.

Focus of Soul or Being

Five of Cups

You've become somewhat underwhelmed by something that once brought you great joy. It feels as if there's nothing left there for you, but if you take a closer look, you'll find there is actually quite a bit left that remains of value to you. A victory that will come your way in February will re-engage you with a circumstance that you'd thought had lost it's spark for you. It's with greater wisdom and clarity that you'll approach the same issues from a different perspective.

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