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Leo Tarot Monthly Horoscope For June 2013

Romance and Relationship

Four of Swords

After having to take a very strong hand in a relationship and having won your point, you feel the need to withdraw and regenerate by taking quiet time for yourself. You certainly will enjoy greater emotional peace as a result of earlier actions, though you will need to adjust to being a little more isolated than you're used to. You will adjust and find relief in your new ability to enjoy your own company.


The World

Well, all's well in the career, Leo. In fact all is marvellous this month, with whole new worlds of opportunity arising for you. New ventures can be undertaken as there will be all the seed money necessary for you to make some bold moves. This financial boon, as well as exciting creative prospects, will see you feeling very satisfied.


The Lovers

Although one expects this card to be all about romance, and it can be, in this position we're talking more about the gaining of greater independence in your financial life. Undertakings in your sector of career, as well as the results of actions taken in your sector of romance and relationship, bring you to a position of being less reliant on others for your income and more able to fend for yourself. This presages a kind of maturing for you, Leo, and a greater feeling of security.

Focus of Soul or Being

Ace of Swords

Events across all the above sectors show that the life or spiritual lesson for Leo in June is all about the attainment of greater independence on many levels. Changes arise in your life that, while initially confronting, bring about unexpected gains on inner levels. While you assume you're facing the loss of some element of personal security, you're actually gaining a more fundamental sense of security by realising just how able you are in your own right.

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