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Aries Tarot Monthly Horoscope For February 2014

Romance and Relationship

King of Wands

You will come to realise during the month of February that you simply have to do something about a relationship that's causing you grief. As relations become more volatile, you'll also find that an influx of money (or a situation that offers you alternative security) allows you to simply walk away from the scene of trouble.


Four of Cups

Oh! You really have lost enthusiasm around your career and the nature of work on offer Aries. That which you once loved has become a stressful limitation to you. You are in fact tired. You need to search for the crux of this disenchantment and face down the elements or people who have co-opted the situation. You will win and with some incisive planning will re-enter the same circumstance with your enthusiasm in tact.


Page of Cups

Those successful actions you take in your sector of career will have left you feeling rather sensitive and vulnerable where finances are concerned. You will have known in advance that there will be a downturn in income along with the changes you wrought. That initial period of feeling financially bound will not last. Have faith; money will come your way again fairly soon.

Focus of Soul or Being

Eight of Pentacles

As you re-engage with your career aspirations and find new happiness in your work, you'll find a new sense of business acumen and will try detailed planning, instead of just leaping ahead on hope and hunches. You will also find a certain satisfaction in a new depth of patience that allows you to rather enjoy the waiting while your endeavours mature.

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