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Aquarius Tarot Monthly Horoscope For September 2013

Romance and Relationship

Nine of Cups

You're actually rather surprised to find of late that your life is rather more satisfying than you'd expected under recent changes. Your wishes surrounding these shifts in lifestyle are soon to come true and you'll find a financial outcome much to your satisfaction. Then will follow a time when you'd be well advised to put future plans, especially financial decisions, on the deep freeze until further options unfold.


The Tower

Someone has been playing deceptively in some aspect of your career in recent times. When this comes to light this month it's going to feel like the destruction of a cherished plan. But fear not. Soon news comes your way that the assistance of a business-savvy woman puts things to rights and great remunerative and creative success will follow.


Page of Pentacles

Your financial position in September is not exactly bountiful as the month begins, but you will have all you need. Later in the month that situation resolves and the bounty you rightfully expect will come to you. The hand of destiny is protecting you at this time, so when setbacks occur you might choose to acquiesce to a quarrelsome person and sacrifice some financial ground in order to be able to walk cleanly away from the disharmony.

Focus of Soul or Being

Two of Swords

So, you have good reason to be feeling somewhat exhausted from interpersonal tensions, emotional stress and overwork. But due to your efforts, this too will pass and emotional enrichment is just around the corner for you. Truly, give it a month or so and you'll barely recognise yourself as you enter into a much-deserved period of joy and contentment with the companionship you've long deserved.

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Prediction By Lili Rosace

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