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Aquarius Tarot Monthly Horoscope For March 2012

Romance and Relationship

Knight of Swords

It's not exactly calm on the home front for Aquarius this month. There are battles raging. It's not so much about relationships being dysfunctional, but more about general circumstances surrounding hearth and home that seems to induce tempers to flare. Be patient with yourself and others, because it won't be long before what you've been hoping for comes to pass and home life is settled once again.


Queen of Pentacles

Your career situation holds strong and steady this month. Although we don't see any major changes, there will be new offers in your employment arena. If one door closes for you workwise this month, rest assured that new and better ones will very soon open in their stead.


The Magician

This card presages new opportunities and avenues opening up to you that will enhance your financial status. You are on a roll this month, where your creativity and inventiveness attracts positive attention. You may well find yourself entering into new art forms entirely. Your organisational skills along with that creative drive will soon turn good ideas into concrete revenue.

Focus of Soul or Being

Knight of Swords

So, your primary focus this month is on issues arising in the home and relationship arena. Once again the cards are urging you to accept that external circumstances are running folks around you a bit ragged, but you have the skill and ability to be the peacemaker. Because you know the difficult circumstances are very temporary, there's no need to take any attacks personally. Just allow.

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