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Virgo Monthly Horoscope For July 2012

Friends and Lovers

The Cancer Sun stimulates your 11th house of friends and associates, making this a great month to get out and make connections. You may have more invitations to events and gatherings than usual, forcing you to choose only the ones you really can make time for. The Capricorn Full Moon on July 3rd could prove to be very romantic and is a great time for a first date or even a proposal. However, children in your life could be somewhat more emotional than usual... keep an especially close eye on them during this time frame.

The Cancer New Moon of on July 19th gives you a chance to make a fresh start in your friendships, making this a great time to call an old friend or make a new one. When the Sun enters Leo and your 12th house of secrets and solitude on July 22nd, you'll have less energy for socializing. The end of the month marks the beginning of you solar low cycle. It's time to rest and reflect on the past year.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury, your life-ruler, moves forward in Leo and your 12th house of hidden matters before slowing down and turning retrograde on July 15th. This is a good time for you to engage in research of any kind, as you will be more likely to uncover details you hadn't noticed before. It is a great time to observe others carefully as your psychic senses are heightened... sometimes it is what goes unsaid that is the most informative!

Of course, conventional wisdom says to be very wary of signing contracts or making large purchases at this time, so avoid those things if possible. Mercury will remain retrograde until August 8th, generally frustrating everyone with traffic jams and payments lost in the mail. Pay attention to detail and give yourself plenty of time to get wherever you are going.

Good Reputation

Venus spends the month in your 10th house of career and public standing, ensuring your good reputation far and wide. This is the positive side of the Venus Retrograde cycle... you get double time of having the Goddess of Love lighting up your Mid-Heaven! Plus, Jupiter's presence here can bring you good fortune in business matters, and many of you may be considering multiple job offers.

At month's end, Venus harmonizes well with Saturn in your 2nd house of money and values, helping you to put yourself in a much better financial position. Yes, you will still have to work as hard as ever, but you have the chance to build a great foundation for a more secure future.

Full Steam

Mars enters Libra and your 2nd house of what you own on July 3rd, fueling your desire to both earn and spend cash! You are ready to go full steam ahead on any venture you have been planning. Even Retrograde Mercury won't hold you back for long... use the influence to carefully go over the details of your endeavors and catch any flaws or weaknesses in your strategies before you go ‘live' with any game plan. The 2nd half of 2012 should be very good for you regarding financial and professional success, and now is the time to take those first careful steps forward. One caveat: Saturn's continued presence in your 2nd house indicates that you should stick to a budget. Focus and discipline will get you far.

Predicted By : Sue Hopper

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