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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope For September, 2011

Friends and Lovers

September is often the most romantic month of the year for passionate Scorpio, and this month's Full Moon on September 12th is no exception. Use your considerable creativity to let that special person in your life know how much they mean to you. Scorps with children should pay special attention to them during the time of the Full Moon in sensitive Pisces, as they may feel more emotional or vulnerable to outside influences. You'll be ready to spend more time at home recharging your spiritual batteries after the Sun enters Libra on September 23rd. The New Moon behind the scenes in your twelfth house on September 27th may find you feeling especially reflective.

Make Your Play

During the first 10 days of September, Mercury gives energy to your career goals and public interests. Once you've made a great case for yourself, you can look for support from your friends after Mercury enters your 11th house of associates on September 10th. You'll be exceptionally persuasive during this time, so if you are working on a campaign or other community minded project, you can expect to see progress. After Sept. 26th, Mercury joins the cosmic pile-up in your 12th house of 'everything that has gone before'. This is a good time to meditate on where you've been and where you'd like to go, as well as a great time to conduct research.

Need Some Down Time

During the first half of the month, you will have more social invitations than you know what to do with. Make the most of it even if you are feeling anti-social, because this is a great way to network and make connections that can help you achieve your goals. The groundwork you set now will help you later, when the Sun enters your sign in October. After Sept. 19th, Venus leaves your 11th house of friends and associates for a retreat into your 12th house of hidden and subconscious matters. Traditionally, this is a time of unrequited love and clandestine affairs. Why not make it your own personal down time? Make an appointment for a massage and read a good book or two. Even the mighty Eagle needs a period of rest and reflection.

Career in High Gear

Until September 19th, heated Mars stokes the fires of religious and political conversations... this may bring out hidden feelings even you didn't know you had! Be conscious of who your audience is at month's end, when a business partner or close work associate may disagree with your philosophy. After the 19th, energetic Mars fires up your 10th house of career and public standing. You may have to work more than you'd like to as the month comes to an end. Try to find a balance between your work and your personal life.

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